Posted by: chlost | November 11, 2010

This time, I am right-right?

I know, I know. Every year, I say the same thing. This year, though, I am totally right. I know it.

I just got home from the local grocery store.

Standing outside the doors (one at the entrance, one at the exit) were bellringers. Yes, with Santa hats. Yes, the kind with little buckets on a hook, whose cover has a nice slot to allow you to safely donate money to this charity (one which, I will point out, does not get my money as it does not support GLBT rights-I think the bellringers should have a sign which clarifies whose rights they do not support). 

Today is……wait, let me check my calendar……….yes, it is NOVEMBER 11th.  The seasonal guilt has started on Veteran’s Day.

Remember when they sold little red poppies on Veteran’s Day? I suppose that is the old-fashioned guilt method.  So much more effective to use bells and buckets than little paper poppies. More cost-effective, I’m sure.

Remember when the Christmas season started after Thanksgiving? Back in the olden days, boys and girls, there were TWO holidays, not just one long “holiday season”.  No more.

Earlier in the day, as I was driving, a big semi truck, loaded with Christmas trees passed me going in the opposite direction. My first thought was “Well,  there’s the first sign of the holidays!”

But I was wrong about that one.

The holiday boutiques have been in full swing for a few weeks now. The Hallmark store has had Christmas ornaments and cards displayed for at least a few months. In fact, the store nearest me has a year-round display of the cutesy little village sets, decorated for the holidays.

I used to covet my friends’ Christmas village set. Now it just seems like an excessively expensive bunch of stuff to store. Maybe the economy has changed my perspective, or I am just getting old and cranky.

Anyway-back to being cranky about the bell ringing.

This year, it has been easier than usual to live in denial about the impending holiday season. We have had sunny, unseasonably warm weather. Highs in the mid-60’s, even 70 degrees F.  Yesterday when it rained, it felt and smelled like a spring shower, not a November one. I have been totally caught off guard with the holidays-again. But it is not my fault this year.

You’re not ready for it yet either, are you? 

I know I am right. It is still early for Christmas.

Oh, no! I haven’t even STARTED my Christmas shopping!



  1. Yes, you are right!

    There are plenty of lovely Autumny things to enjoy. Who wants to diminish your Thanksgiving by overlaying it with Christmas. The latter is a Winter Festival of light to celebrate the solstice and the change to lengthening of the days and to welcome the sun back. Autumn is still into shortening of the days: totally inappropriate.

    • In the US, it is all about the shopping season. Are there Christmas decorations in Paris yet? In England?

  2. I did not know the Salvation Army was anti-gay rights. No more change form me.

    • That is my understanding, at least for around here. You may wish to research for your area.

  3. You think Christmas gets on your nerves? I just try to be nice and get through it.

    • I was thinking of you and everyone else who does not celebrate this holiday when I was writing the post, but wasn’t sure how to get it into the post. I am sorry that you must put up with all of it.

      • It truly does have its annoying moments and I am ever amazed at how many people assume that everyone celebrates this holiday. I don’t mind the secular celebrations but all the shopping hype, the endless Christmas music and those annoying bell-ringers of whom you spoke, these I would gladly do without.

        I do enjoy the lights, however, and that is my one concession for Hanukah, we do put lights in our windows. Other than that we celebrate low key, no gift giving or any other attempts to make Hanukah into a Christmas type celebration.

        BTW, I am holding you directly responsible for this @#$% weather today! I left work last night in a short sleeved shirt, a bit cool for that but not unbearable, and what do I wake up to? A freaking winter wonderland! Mostly I take Minnesota weather as it comes, but not today. Why was it I decided to move back here? Was I insane? I had an apartment on a beautiful beach in the tropics for crying out loud!

        And on the bright side, I get time off work and can just relax and watch our traditional James Bond marathon on TV with my sons!

      • Yeah, if I gave up the tropics for this, I’d be ticked off, too. Enjoy Bond…..which one?

      • Oops, I didn’t notice I’d added to my comment in the middle instead of the end…I’ll blame that on the weather, too!

      • I watch the James Bond Marathon on Christmas, this was the fracture in my comment of which I spoke. Jewish ‘tradition’ is to watch movies and eat Chinese on Christmas Day.

        My favorite Bond Movies? I like Roger Moore best, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ ‘Live and Let Die’.

      • Knew about Chinese, not about movies. It actually sounds like a fun way to spend the day.

  4. The predatory nature of the commercial christmas machine irritates me no end. Our family has pretty much universally has decided we will not buy gifts for christmas this year. Maybe for the grand kids only.

    To me the earlier each year encroachment of christmas marketing belies the desperation of retail consumerism. They want to squeeze the last drop of blood from us turnips. It’s disgusting.

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