Posted by: chlost | November 20, 2010

When you know a person for a long time, your conversations might sound a bit odd to outsiders

Longtime readers of this blog (all three of you) will recall that my husband and I have been married for a long time.

After many years of marital bliss, it is common that many of your conversations may become repetitive, boring, and/or routine. It’s just a function of statistics.


“FinegotuponcetogotothebathroomandyouweresnoringsoloudIcouldn’tgetbacktosleep foranhour”. 

Once in a while, however, my husband is still able to surprise me.

This morning we were discussing our Thanksgiving plans. We usually host dinner for our children, their family, my family, and any miscellaneous people who don’t have other plans.  I am always cool, calm and have everything under control. The table is set with matching china, the sparkling wine glasses set at each place, and a color-coordinated napkin is placed beside the plate. We have all of the food ready to serve at exactly the right time, vegetables, rolls and side dishes perfectly prepared and ready to serve at the moment the turkey is pulled from the oven. My husband stands at the end of the table brandishing the large butcher knife kept especially for the occasion and slicing large chunks off the bird for each guest. A halo of sunlight glows over our heads as we eat the feast.


My holidays are a busy, chaotic mess of people, food, conversation and laughter, mixed with dogs chasing children around the table and at least one glass of red wine spilled on a white tablecloth.

Today, in the middle of this conversation about who will join us for the holiday, my husband stated “Well, we are number one in the production of turkeys”.

Just like that. Blurted it out.  Matter-of-factly. Proudly.

We produce turkeys. More than anyone else.

 I was taken aback. I had to replay the conversation in my mind. I think I actually rewound it in my brain, and played it back to myself more than once.  Nope. No mistake. That IS what he said. Okay, he had me. I had no idea what he was talking about.

I finally had to ask. “WHAT?” 

He looked at me blankly. I know that look. I see it often. He has been in his own little world, thinking of things to himself. He often believes that I am there with him. He doesn’t understand that I have not heard the machinations of his brain, and that I have no idea what he is thinking, nor how he got there. That surprises him every time.

“What did you say? What was that about turkeys?”

He thought for a moment, going back over his thoughts before answering me.

“Minnesota is number one in the production of turkeys. It is a big business in Minnesota. We grow good turkeys here.”


Indeed we do.



  1. They also grow great minnesotas in Turkey.

    • I suppose they do.

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