Posted by: chlost | November 21, 2010

Slow and quiet

A much needed quiet weekend. My slothfulness was at full throttle this weekend.

My husband worked, so I was home on my own. Friday night, we did meet my brother and mother and went out for dinner at a good local Mexican restaurant.  We now have a rather substantial Latino community-so much so that there are two good restaurants and a Latino grocery store in this little town. Yay for diversity in rural America.

Saturday I did a little laundry, watched some stupid holiday television, talked a bit on the phone, took a nap (can’t remember the last time) and generally sat.  I did make a shopping list for groceries for the holiday. Quite exhausting!

Today there was a coating of ice on everything this morning. It remained gray and drizzly, warmer but miserable.  The ice on our driveway never melted.  When I went out to the yard to bring in an item for the winter, I nearly landed on my butt.  The ice is coating even the gravel edging around the house. I somehow made it back into the garage without a spill.

I ventured out late in the afternoon for groceries and took some to my mom as well. The roads weren’t icy, but the driveway still was very slick.  Life in the winter around here is challenging in many ways!

I think I needed to unwind after an awfully busy week and with the holiday coming up this week.  It is always very busy for work on a short week-have as much to do, but only 3 days to accomplish it, rather than 5.

So, up and at ’em tomorrow!

But right now, I have to get back to that riveting movie about Santa getting too old to continue. Whoopi as the new Santa-now that was creative casting!



  1. There’s holiday television on already? It’s sti;; pretty warm here, but we’re heading for a cool down by the weekend.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your nephew and the path ahead for him.

  2. Sounds good!!! I hope bad weather stays away until i get home Thanksgiving Day! I hate winter driving!!!!

    • We stopped doing Thanksgiving driving. Everyone comes to our place now.

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