Posted by: chlost | November 23, 2010

I pass!

Okay, I will say it out loud.

2010 has been a shitty year.

I mean it.

It has been bad for me and my family, true. But it has been terrible for so many other reasons as well.

BP oil spill.

Midterm elections.

Chilean miners.

Haiti disasters.

Sarah/Bristol Palin.

North Korea.

Israeli/Palestinian stalemate.


Okay. Is that enough for you to realize that I’m right? I am not just imagining this. I am not just projecting my personal grief here. Objectively speaking, this has been a horrendous year.

So, here is my suggestion:   I propose that we just skip the next month and just go directly to 2011.

I will give up Christmas. I will even sacrifice New Year’s Eve. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, would you be willing to forego your own winter holiday celebrations?  Please?  It is for a good cause, I promise.

Because here’s the thing-I don’t want to take any chances that the next month or so is going to get worse. Who knows what could happen?  Before the year’s end, 2010 could bring more natural disasters, war, pestilence, starvation, disease or calamity than we have seen throughout the rest of the already horrid year.

We just can’t take any chances. We can’t afford it.

Join me. I am taking a pass on December, 2010.

Together, perhaps we can save the world.




  1. LOL I agree!!! I’d really be just as happy to skip Christmas. I didn’t like 2010 either.

    • Okay, then we have 2 votes.

  2. Sorry, I vote no. I am so looking forward to time off work for a holiday that I don’t celebrate, being able to do absolutely nothing for a change other than perhaps catching up a bit with my sons’ lives.

    I’m willing to compromise, however. How about this: You skip December, I’ll skip all of January except for my son’s birthday and we’ll catch up on the same calendar in February? Skipping all but one day of January in Minnesota would please me to no end!

    • I’m known for my abilities to negotiate. I will agree with your proposal as long as our sons have the same birthdate in January-it must be the 17th for me to be able to agree to your plan!!!

      • (Am commenting further, especially since I didn’t even reply to the right comment.)

        Isn’t that something. OK, so far we are both from Minnesota, we both had sisters die just before their 50th birthdays, and now we find out we have sons who share the same birthday. I vote that this coming year we add the further commonality of both of us winning millions in the lottery and retiring in Europe. Sweffling is improving her French by leaps and bounds, we could all become neighbors in southern France and she could show us the ropes. And there you have it!

      • All right-I’m there. Should we live in France for 1/2 the year, and split the rest of the year in Switzerland, Italy and Germany? I think that would work okay for me.
        It is almost eerie that we do have so many things in common. Wait-does that sound like a linie for a first date? No-okay, so how cold was it when your son was born? We took our son home in
        -80 degree windchill—-they almost weren’t going to let us leave the hospital but we lived only 5 miles away.

      • Ah to dream. I think spending time in Berlin each summer would be wonderful. I might even be up to sipping some gluvine at a chalet in the Swiss Alps after a bit of time away from the snow. Italy would be a new experience for me, but one I would definitely be willing to undertake.

        My son was born in Louisiana so it wasn’t cold at all. If I remember correctly, I just took him home from the hospital in a sleeper.

  3. Absolutely. You got it in one!

  4. Goofball! Happy New Year to you, too!

    One thing I’m seeing more clearly during this time of living in a heavily-historicized place is that no year has ever been calm or peaceful or quiet–there are always invaders and ceilings falling in…it’s just that we’ve gotten more effective at transmitting the scope of tragedy across long distances, repeatedly.

  5. I could very easily completely skip Christmas this year entirely. In fact, I am not motivated to put up lights on the house and we both are ambivalent about having a tree this year. As a family we all have decided not to spend (waste) money on Christmas gifts this year except for tokens for the grand kids. I’m already looking forward to Spring.

  6. Hugs…..and you can see, I am ignoring your suggestion.

  7. I would love to skip Christmas, and just let all the kids do their own thing.
    It stresses me out more and more every year.
    It is the last Holiday I still host and this year there will be 6 new babies here
    4 of them My G grandkids.
    Is it possible they could all be sweet tempered at the same time ?? 😦
    We will be having our family Christmas early, with all the extended famlies it is impossible to hit the day any more.
    Maybe next year I can drug Hubba and put him in a car and go somewhere secret :0
    As for the New Year, I always hope it will be better..maybe next year will….

  8. I’m with ya sister!!! Count me in!!! I’m going to stuff that damn tree back in the box at this very moment!…..if I can get past the little woman….. which is damn tough to do…. she’s short…but she’s stout……. wish me luck! 🙂

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