Posted by: chlost | December 2, 2010

Positive is as positive does, but don’t two negatives make a positive?

We are now entering the last month of December. Although I have tried to delete this final month of a terrible year, it seems that the world has not agreed with me. December moves forward. With or without me.

So, I suppose I am forced to go through it. I am left with few other choices, really.

As I review in my mind the issues which have arisen over the past year, I have decided that the only way that  I am likely to make it through this final month of a bad year, is to start to make an attitude adjustment.  I want to start to think in a more positive manner in my life.

I am not sure that this is even possible.

Whoops! There I go-thinking negatively again.

See what I mean?

So, one month before the assignment  for resolutions is even due, I have taken on the project of trying to come up with a positive spin on my life. 

In any event, here are the details of my assignment to myself:  List at least three things each day which are positive, made me feel good, or at the very least, were not bad.  No negative asides about these things. My temptation would be to include a negative comment to each positive statement. Even though I may think these negatives, I am only going to write the  positive. 

For example, “It is sunny today, and the snow had a fun crunchy sound to it as I walked in it.”  The negative aside would be to explain that it was only 10 degrees F; when it is sunny, it is usually very cold,  and that snow makes that sound when it gets that  horribly cold.

This is going to be a struggle for me. I will include the 3 items in every post for the month of December. I may or may not elaborate on them, and there may or may not be anything else included in the post. Hopefully, I can do this each day for the month and by the end of the month, I will have become a more positive-thinking person  going into the new year. These positives may mean nothing to anyone else, but I am hoping that they will have an effect on me.

Also, maybe it means that I will not have to come up with any new year’s resolutions at the end of the month.

See, still got the negative attitude going here…….give me a break, I am just on the first day.

December 1, 2010 :

1. Dishwasher was repaired.

2. Repair cost only $89.

3. Granddaughter had her first day of preschool and loved it.



  1. Those are great positives! I know that at the end of the year, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself and life. I look forward to following your daily posts.

    • Hope so-thanks for keeping tabs on me……appreciate the kind words.

  2. I like this immensely!!!! I need to do the same as Kay’s World is crumbling. Thanks for a great idea!

    • In a crumbling world, positives are necessities. I’ll be thinking of you and sending lots of good wishes to help you through it all. You are tough!

  3. Great idea Sister! I happily support you all the way. I know somedays it is hard to find anything positive, but they are crafty little buggers and like to hide, but you can find them. You post your New Years Resolutions and I will post mine and we will stay on each other to complete as many as possible so that next year is a lot better year! Damn…I should have been a football coach….I feel like sending a team out onto the field!…..get out there and kill em Chlostie!! ……

    • Thanks, coach! I need every pat on the butt I can get!

  4. Such a terrific idea for self-change. It is so much easier to find and dwell on the negative, so I really like that you’re going for the positive. I’ve read that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit…so I’m curious to see how you feel at the end of the year (besides relieved that it’s finally over). Uh-oh, maybe I need to do this exercise, too! Good luck 🙂

    • I know that I will be relieved to see the end of the year. I can only hope that I will have some positive feelings as well.

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