Posted by: chlost | December 3, 2010

It’s only the second day

Here I sit at my computer, trying to put together the list of 3 positive things for only the second day.

Why did I make this assignment public? If I had told no one of this plan, I wouldn’t have to be struggling right now. For it is a struggle today for me to come up with “the list”. On just the second day.

Okay, here is what I have:

December 2, 2010:

1. My mom and I had a nice dinner at a local restaurant.

2. I completed a couple of projects at work.

3. The clerks at the grocery store where my mom and I got her groceries were very kind.

If only you could imagine how hard it is for me to just leave those sitting there. No negatives. No background as to how I came up with those.

But, a resolution is a resolution, and it would be so lame to break it on just the 2nd day.

I’ve got nothing more.

Let’s see what today will bring!

Does that sound positive?



  1. Yes. Positive. No one starts out running. Enjoy the walk.

    • Stumbling along here. Thanks!

  2. You are doing great! You can do it. You can add getting a new blog nickname to your list of positives for today 🙂 Yay!

    • Yes, I suppose that being named for a young, beautiful professional woman is positive! And I didn’t even need to have that on the list to get to 3! That is a good day.

  3. You’re doing great!!! I envy you!!!!!

    • All support is appreciated!

  4. I applaud your effort 🙂

    • Thanks!

  5. I try to make someone feel better each day, if I can. The easy ones are when you deal with a service person; grocery store, fast food, whatever…. even if they did their job with no special effort, I like to thank them and tell them “good job!” and mean it. Making someone else feel a little bit better does me as well.

    • I have to say that generally I feel drained each day after dealing with people whose needs are unending. It is not their fault, and I am not holding it against them, it is just that I so often feel like a speck of lint on the fabric of the universe.
      I do tell anyone who helps me as a clerk, wait person, or other service job “Thank you” on a regular basis. I don’t know that it makes their day-but it is better than those folks who scowl and grumble at them.
      Not being so positive right now, am I?

  6. For me, the biggest positives are always in the smallest things–like I just bought a simit (sort of a sesame bagel thing) from a street vendor, and it was kind of dried out, but then I realized the external dryness made the inside seem a little softer and that there was a cool contrast between the crunchiness and dryness. The little things!

    • That roll sounds wonderful. Little things are wonderful. Sometimes it is hard to make the little things outweigh the big things. Still working on it.

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