Posted by: chlost | December 4, 2010

I’m going to make this work

This is the third day of my attempt to make some positive changes to my outlook.  As I review the third day, it was even more difficult to come up with three things to include on this list. I found myself thinking about the blog during the day and working out in my mind what should be included on the list of three positive things for the day. The list is at the bottom of the post.

However – before the list, here are some photos I took this morning.  We had a fairly good snowfall yesterday, so this morning things are covered in about 6 in. of fresh, powdery snow.

Last summer I posted a photo of my little backyard garden.  Here is the same garden area this morning, minus the bench, and the pond covered with snow. Only a small sunflower stalk is visible now.

With the leaves off the trees for the winter, we can now see the river from our house. The water stays open all year long due to a power plant located further up the river. This means we get geese, ducks and trumpeter swans wintering here. None of them were nearby as I took this photo-they usually are at a small park up river .

In our front yard, we have a little play area for our grandchildren. It looks as though it is waiting for the girls to come back and play. Only a few birds used the swing this morning while they await their turn at the feeder.

 I was lazy this past fall in getting the plants out of the ground before the snow fell. I read that it”s better to allow the plants to stay in the ground to provide cover over the winter. I can’t use that excuse for all of them, as I didn’t even get this plant out of a large planter near our back door. I like the way it holds the snow, though.  If anyone asks, I will tell them that I left it in the planter on purpose to provide a pretty snow design.

Overall, it is a great morning. The temperature is in the 20’s (F), and even though it is not sunny, there is no wind, and it you can be outdoors with light winter coats and feel comfortable. Not bad for around here in December.

Wow! I am sounding almost postive!!!

December 3, 2010:

1. It snowed, and I didn’t have to drive in it, shovel it, or go outside in it.

2. I had a good phone talk with my sister.

3. My husband and I had nice steaks on the grill for dinner (we grill year round).



  1. I envy you!!!! You’re doing great!!!!!

    • It is going fairly well. Does that sound positive?

  2. Very postive even about the cold. Hugs.

    • Yeah, that’s a hard one.

  3. Doing good!! Love the snow pics. Christmas is so much better with snow, beats everything just being bare and brown like we have here now. Hang in there Chlostie! You are doing great! The husband grills in the snow….. Give him a high-five for me! That is dedication! 🙂

    • Last night it was I who grilled in the snow. Not particularly happily, but it was worth it.

      • A wife that grills in the snow??? You are a CATCH!! Mr. Chlostie is one lucky dude! 🙂

      • Gas grill. Not so impressive.

  4. How wonderful being able to see the river, can you cut back some of the branches, (sympathetically of course!) so you can see the water in the summer

    • Yes, we love being on the river. It is the Mississippi. My husband is working (slowly) on the sight line for the summer. There is a small island between us and the main channel for a portion of our line, so that will always have trees.

  5. Wow, a winter BBQ-er… I’m impressed.

    • It isn’t hard with the gas grill, once you find your way to it.

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