Posted by: chlost | December 9, 2010

Some days’ lists are more challenging than others

Yesterday was a lost day. I slept almost the entire day. Still not feeling great today, but definitely better. As there really was not much to yesterday, thinking of three things is even more challenging. I’m still taking it easy today.

December 8, 2010:

1.We learned that our next grandchild is a girl-that makes 3!

2. The tea tasted good.

3. There was nothing scheduled for work, so as far as a day to be sick, it was a good one. Missed very little.



  1. Sorry to hear your feeling under the weather. Just like a postman, you’re letting nothing stop you from your daily 3. Good going!

  2. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of #3…. I am still waiting for #1……though I am only 24 years old…so I can afford to wait a while…. 🙂 Sorry you are under the weather…. I would tell you about my running around doing errands in shorts today in the 70 degree weather….but that would just make ya feel worse….. 🙂 Get well soon!

  3. Keep going, you’re doing really well. Sorry you are still under the weather but glad work commitments were not wearing you down at the same time. Fantastic news about grand daughter no 3. Get well

  4. I like the daily listings of positives. I try to get patients to do this when they are lost in feeling there is no good anywhere.

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