Posted by: chlost | December 11, 2010

Here we go

My day started out with a visit to my mom.  My husband and I planned to take her to get a new identification card. This was our second attempt to do this.  The first time, I ended up taking her to the hospital emergency room, and she was treated for congestive heart failure.

Yesterday was a Friday. As we entered her apartment, five minutes later than planned, she was sitting in her dining room, with coat, hat and gloves already on, giving me a bit of a scolding for being late. I explained that we were only a few minutes late.  She then stated ” Well, you won’t believe what my morning has already been like”. She told us that at 6:30, she had gone to a doctor’s appointment with a doctor she has seen once, and with whom she has an appointment on Monday. When I began to question her about how she got to the appointment, and why she would have been there on Friday instead of Monday, she told us “Well, it is Monday!”  So began my day.

My mom is 80 years old. She is a retired nurse. She knows more about medications than I ever will. She can pronounce almost any med, even after having had a stroke two years ago.

But yesterday, she could not figure out what day it was. She finally admitted to me that she may have dreamed that she had gone to that doctor appointment. She and I had a long discussion about what day it was, and she finally realized that she had been confused, but she could not quite understand what had happened to those days.  She seemed okay about other things. It was only about the day of the week.

So-we went on with the day, taking her out to lunch, trying to get the identification card (unfortunately, she had taken her passport out of her purse since the last time we did this, so we couldn’t get the card this time, either). She seemed to be doing fairly well.

But I was concerned. She was still stuck on it being Sunday. No matter what, she would think it was Sunday. My sister talked to her on the phone. She kept up a good conversation, after initially hanging up on her.  I considered taking her to the ER. But she seemed to be much better.

Then I checked her medications. This is the container with little boxes for each day. Some of the boxes were empty. Some were still full. Some had one or two meds still in them. I talked to her about that, and she seemed surprised by that. She still adamantly claimed to have taken her meds that day.  I decided to wait until this morning.

When we arrived this morning, she was up and watching TV. There was no sign that she had eaten anything since we had been there yesterday. Her conversation was good. She seemed to be doing fine. Then I checked her meds. She hadn’t taken any since yesterday, but she claimed that she had taken them earlier in the morning. She told us she hadn’t gone down for the group dining for four days. She said she had not been there Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.   Yeah, it was 10 AM on Saturday when she said this. 

I talked her into going to the doctor. She is now in the hospital, not for a stroke, as I thought it might be, but for her blood pressure. She apparently has not taken her blood pressure meds for several days-who knows how long? Her reading was 200/104. Her heart rate is double her normal rate. Her coumadin readings were off kilter.

We now think that she had not eaten or taken her medications for several days-with the exception of lunch yesterday. She still denies that is the case.

There is over a foot of snow on the ground, the wind is blowing it into 4 ft. drifts. But I know my mom is safe at the hospital for the night. Most likely for the next night as well.

She has lived here for about 6 weeks now.

Here we go……..I clearly am in a new stage of my life.

There were still some positives for yesterday, such as it was.

December 10, 2010:

1. We got our Christmas tree.

2. I had a good conversation with my oldest son-he sounded much better than the last few times I have talked with him.

3. Man, that beer tasted good at the end of the day.



  1. I can see why you’re worried agbout your mom. I hope they get her stabilized quickly.

    I don’t think I’m going to decorate for Christmas. I am Scrooge.

    I haven’t talked to anyone except my doctor.

    Just had a beer myself — very nice — along with a gyro platter and a Grecian salad.

  2. Hi Chlost,
    I hope your mom’s blood pressure and confusion improves with her medications. I really feel for you, this must be so difficult! I really love your positive list at the of your posts, what a scrapper you are!

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