Posted by: chlost | December 12, 2010

A freezer frozen in a deep freeze

It’s cold here today.

We in Minnesota are known for understatement.

The thermometer outside the window this morning shows 6 degrees F. That is to be the high for the day. It will be getting colder throughout the day.

If you have never experienced this level of cold, it may be difficult to imagine. As the air gets cold, we feel it in different ways. When it is this cold, it hurts to breathe in each breath. The lungs ache with the cold. The snow is hard and dry.

There has been a wind blowing for two days. The snow has been blown into drifts up to the knees.  There are areas which have been blown clear of snow, with other areas of hard-packed dollops of whipped cream snow.

When we wake up to clear blue skies after a big storm, those of us who are experienced in midwestern winter weather know that we will be in the sub-zero deep freeze for at least a few days.

We are here.

It is cold.

We will survive, thinsulate and hot coffee willing.

Even with the weather, I am continuing to try to find and list three positive things from each day in December.

December 11, 2010:

1. My mom was safe, admitted to the hospital and receiving the care she needs.

2. My sister was there with me on the phone and my husband was with me in person through all of the difficult time with my mom.

3.  The storm ended and we got home safe and sound.



  1. RYN: I would stick you in my pocket and take you along with us if I could.

    One of our very best friends just flew into your snowy city. All G and I can do is shake our head. Yes, those three things are wonderful. Confusion is a very frightening thing to deal with. G and I had years of worry with our friend Duck. Hugs from us.

  2. I asked Pearl to pick me up in Ohio on her way south. I am glad you are safe and your mom is okay. I am proud of you for sticking to your ‘think positive’ pledge and am proud to have you as a friend.

  3. You’re buried in snow and we’re having record heat (it was eighty degrees today). Crazy 🙂

    I’m impressed that you kept the positive list even with the not-so-positive things that are going on. I’m rooting for you and your thirty day goal!

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