Posted by: chlost | December 13, 2010

Thirteen feels like a lucky number today

The thirteenth day of the thirty-one days of December.

The thirteenth day of my plan to come up with three positive things for every day in this last month of a decidedly un-positive year.

As the month has progressed, I can see a common theme in the things I list as positives.  Conversations with friends and family members have been positive, and I have had many in these past thirteen days.  The support and assistance of loved ones through tough times have been very positive. My perspective seems to turn to those things when I think of what has been positive in each day.

I am glad that the month is nearly half over. I am not sure how that has happened so quickly. I am still way behind in everything that needs to be done by the end of the month. And the end of the month seems to be hurtling toward me at warp speed.

I heard a young actress on a talk show today who said that she hates Christmas. Because of her mom’s death, it is very difficult for her every year. She longs for the New Year’s holiday every year, because that means that Christmas is over for another year.

I can relate to that. Especially this year.

But, I am still looking for and finding positive things in each day.

December 13, 2010:

1. Had a pizza delivered tonight which tasted wonderful with a cold beer.

2. The hospital staff have been very helpful (my mom’s doctor took my sister’s number and he called her when I mentioned that she planned to call him today sometime) 

3.  I was able to finish a project today so that a file can be closed and a bill sent out before the end of the year.



  1. Thanks for sharing. It definitely helps to read your journey. You’ve inspired me to come up with three daily positives too. =)

  2. There ya go. Your dogged determination here seems to be working on some level to illustrate the better things in your life. Keep at it, luv.

  3. Wow!!!! What a great day!!!!!

    I won’t rain on your parade.

  4. Pizza and beer sounds so good! Keep up the great work. I have added this “three positives a day” to my list of New Years resolutions for myself. You are an inspiration! 🙂

  5. It must be cold your way. Last night we broke a record – 14 degrees, the last time is was that cold was 15 in 1917. Tomorrow it will get back to the 40s but we may get cold again. Here in Georgia we are not used to that type of cold. I can feel cold air from the windows – they are old, not double type windows. I was reading about your good conversations on the telephone. My daughters called me maybe once a week, while they have a minute, on their cell phones and it is never a long conversation. No one else calls. When I retired I guess I went out of the radar of the friends I had there – they never call. So I am happy to have blogging friends. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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