Posted by: chlost | December 20, 2010

Simple Math tells one that 19/31 equals 61% of the way done

Yes, I am now over sixty percent of the way through this month of trying to think more positively. The month of December is not an easy month to think positively. With the exception of the holidays, it is not generally a positive time of year.

The weather around here is generally unpleasant in December.

The bank accounts are usually low as the holiday spending takes a big chunk of the funds for December.

The daylight hours are at the lowest point in December.

There are always year-end projects which need to be finished in December.

But, no!  I am not focusing on these negatives. 

Me, I am thinking positively this month!  See my smile?  Hear my peals of laughter? Watch me skipping and jumping in happiness this month!

I have come up with three positive things for each day of the month. I am doing so in an effort to push back the darkness, the pressures, the gut-wrenching negativity of this final month of 2010.

December 19, 2010:

1.  Got some shopping done.

2. Good conversation with my sister.

3. My nephew “friended” me on facebook. Guess it’s good that a 15 year-old boy is friending his aunt, cousins, and other family members on his mom’s side of the family.

On to the rest of December!



  1. Wow, that is pretty fantastic to be ‘friended’ by a 15 year old boy! And good to hear he is keeping up with his family. Great. Keep it up, you’re nearly there.

  2. You need to friend me Chlostie….. I will protect your superhero identity on FB…. I promise. Would love to chat with ya sometime. Keep up the great work on the positives! Doing good!

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