Posted by: chlost | December 21, 2010

Twenty days later, and still coming up with at least three for the day

If nothing else, this exercise of trying to come up with three positive things for each day has made the month move by more quickly. It has been 20 days. I feel as though I just started this whole thing.

Given the weather this month, the faster it goes by, the better.

More snow yesterday. Many of you may have seen the Vikings/Bears football game on television. If so, you saw how much snow there has been in this area. You didn’t see a very good football game, but I think they covered the snow angle pretty completely.

My day………I am thinking back on the day.

December 20, 2010:

1. Almost finished the Christmas shopping. Only a few little things to still find.

2. Finished the Christmas letter. This will be inserted into the Christmas cards, which I purchased today. Still have to mail them.

3. The little sparkles on the top layer of new snow looked pretty.

Tomorrow is the first day of winter.


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