Posted by: chlost | December 26, 2010

Thinking back four days is almost more than my mind can handle right now

It has been four days since I posted anything on this site. I was not on the computer at all over the holiday. That is good.  But it also means that I am four days behind in listing the three positive things for each day of the month of December. I had been doing so well in keeping my resolution to find the positives in a horrible month.

Ironically, I was watching PBS tonight, and they were doing a documentary about happiness. I only saw a small part of the program, but the part that I saw was discussing research which showed that your happiness is directly related to the happiness of those around you. If you have a friend who is happy, you are 15% more likely to be happy. If your friend’s friend is happy, your chances of being happy are 10% higher. This phenomenon continues out 4 levels. 

So, you’re welcome. I am sure that you are at least 15% happier now that you know that I am happy.

In fact, I am feeling more positive over the past several days. Maybe it is because the stress of the holidays is reduced. I have people at my house over the next week, but the preparations are done. I decorated my tree and the house a mere 24 hours before Christmas. I made the lasagna for Christmas dinner at 3 PM by using the incorrect ingredients purchased by my husband, and it still turned out well. Just a hint-Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage is NOT the same as mild Italian sausage. But with a bunch of Italian spices, it can be close.

I will try to make a list for the past few days. I know that you are curious!

December 22, 2010:

1. My mom was very lucid today. She seems to be getting her personality back a bit. She even had a bit of a sense of humor today.

2. My caseload was pretty light today.

3. The office secretary gave everyone homemade spritz cookies….yum!

December 23, 2010:

1. My husband went along with me for Christmas shopping. It really is easier with someone else along.

2. My husband also did most of the grocery shopping while I was at work in the morning.

3. I really do have a great husband!

December 24, 2010:

1. Had great grilled steaks for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

2. I got the tree decorated. It looks pretty nice after all.

3. I talked to my granddaughter on the phone. She was excited because they opened one present tonight. “And we can open more presents tomorrow, Ga. I will open G___’s presents for her, because she is just a baby, and she doesn’t know how to open her presents.”   My daughter-in-law explained in the background that her little sister will likely get the idea of opening presents pretty quickly. Kids and Christmas-it’s so GOOD!

December 25, 2010:

1. My mom did quite well at the house, getting around with a walker, and with help in the bathroom.

2.My daughter and her boyfriend arrived from Oregon.

3. I received a telephone call at 7:30 am from my granddaughter (age 3) to tell me what she got for Christmas. She was still very excited!

Tonight we found out that the snow on the east coast is going to delay my brother-in-law and nephew’s arrival.  Their flight has been canceled, and they are not sure that the rebooked flight will actually be a go tomorrow afternoon.  I know that he would like to be here, especially for my nephew, as this is the first Christmas after my sister’s death.  Who knows what will happen.  I will say that I am glad that we are not getting that snow here-we have plenty. It is too bad that it is messing up his plans.

For today’s positives-

December 26, 2010:

1. Had a great, low-key day, just taking it easy and talking with the kids and my brother.

2. We went out to a Mexican place for dinner-a treat after so much kitchen time.

3. It did not snow here today.

The documentary on happiness also had an interview with an 87-year old woman who has been part of a study on happiness for many years. They have found that as you get older, you actually become happier. Forty year olds are statistically happier than 20 year olds, and 60 year olds are happier than those in their 40’s.  The point this woman made was that she knows what makes her happy-friends and family. Other people. She also made a comment that each day, she tries to make a list of all of the good things that happened in the course of the day.

She (and I) may be on to something big.



  1. Good for you! I feel happier already, hearing you sound happy! Actually you do sound much better, perhaps a few days away from work have helped. Being around so many unhappy people at work cannot be good for anyone and you have done this work for a long time it seems.
    Have you had any more ideas about going back to education?
    Did your nephew ever make it to you?
    I hope you are on holiday now until New Year. You deserve it.

  2. I agree….letting go of the weight of the world lets you look at things with a smile. You’ve made me happy today. Stay warm. 🙂

  3. I cracked up at the Jimmy Dean sausage mishap, because my husband has done that too!

    Now that you mention it, I think I do feel at least 15% happier 🙂

    Have a happy new year!

  4. I am so happy that things are looking up for you. You are almost to the finish line and then can start what will be a GREAT new year! Keep up the positive attitude! You are doing great! 🙂

  5. My wife has always maintained that the quality of one’s life is directly proportional to the quality of one’s relationships.

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