Posted by: chlost | January 4, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

The first week after a return from a vacation seems to be both long and too short. It is only Tuesday. Yet, I have been very busy, so the time has gone quickly each day.

But it is only Tuesday. I want to have time off. It feels as though I have been back at work much too long already.

The piles of work still surround me. New work keeps coming. I am hopelessly behind on almost everything. I don’t know how I will ever catch up on all of the paperwork.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am very happy to have a job. I love having the money to pay the bills. I enjoy working with the clients. My clients are teenagers. Them, I usually like.  Parents on the other hand, not so often. I feel for my clients. They are struggling with almost every challenge you could think of, and they have few skills to meet those challenges. The court system is truly not set up to help. For the most part, even juvenile court is focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. This is a small, often rural area. We get kids who use a vacant house as a club house. They decorated it, for pete’s sake, putting carpet samples on the floors, setting up a weight room, and hanging out. We don’t get the gang kids here very often. One of the few robberies I’ve ever had was for a piece of chewing gum. And it was against another kid who had been the source for drugs. I can handle those kinds of cases-no problem.

We do have LOTS of sex crimes. Lots of incest, kids who have been abused, abusing other kids. I have lost count of how many 13 year-old sex offenders I have represented. Sad, sad, sad.

The weather hasn’t helped. It is below zero F now, and the highs during the day are in the single digits above zero F. I rarely feel warm (well, unless I have the assistance of a hot flash). Even the dog shoots in and out as fast as possible, coming in shivering and looking to snuggle.

So, I am already looking forward to time off.  I want a trip to look forward to. Anywhere. As soon as possible. Money will be an issue, making sure that my mom is going to be okay while I am gone will be a new issue to face.

This is the time of year that I really have to fight to keep the darkness of the season and my work from taking me down. I have realized that this is my trigger time.  I’m going to try to stay positive, and I have some good things going to help with that. I am enjoying the  River of Stones project (see the tab for that page, above), I have lunches and dinners with friends scheduled. I have my family nearby, and I’m looking forward to the new grandbaby’s arrival.  I just learned that a good friend is also expecting a first baby.  These things are helping.

But for now—-Friday. I just want it to be Friday.



  1. Sounds like you see lots of difficult things. I am ready for FRI as well.

  2. I’m retired — not really by choice. It’s not a walk in the park. I’m at poverty level so my so-called ‘golden years’ are less than stellar. I’m not complaining. I do manage pretty well compared to a lot of other elders in my bracket.

    I really respect and admire what you’re doing in your career. I couldn’t do it. It would break my heart and I would probably have a breakdown. I hope you get some time away soon.

    • Retirement sounds great, but is not an option for me for quite a long time. It is nice to hear good comments about my job.

  3. I don’t know how long you have been in your profession, but is the # of sex crimes with the youths getting larger each year? I know that was a subject you rarely heard anything about decades ago. I hope you do get away someplace warm for a break sometime before your winter ends six months from now. Do you and your husband take cruises? We love cruising and find it to be a very relaxing way to get away from everything.

    • I’ve been doing this particular job since “94. The sex crimes have skyrocketed here. Partly due to technology (it is very easy to send a pic of your privates-or someone else’s on a cell phone), and I believe, due to the internet where pornography is easy to find, and 13 year-old hormones don’t know what to do with it. Lots of what years ago we might have called playing doctor, lots of consensual sex between kids too far apart in age, or legally too young to consent. Then there is also plain old incest between family members. About 90% of the kids I represent who are charged with a sex crime were abused early in their life. That’s always been around, but it seems that there’s more-at least from what I have seen over the past 16 years. I really am hoping to go away. My husband isn’t big on trying the cruise option.

  4. Your job sounds so difficult. When I feel the need to whine about my easy desk job, I’ll remember you and think twice.

    Hang in there. I do hope you get to go on a vacation because it sounds like you are ready for one emotionally 🙂

    • Thanks-support from others helps!

  5. Yes, the long dark does get oppressive. Wow. What an intense job. That would take some unwinding from!

    • The dark makes the cold all the worse.

  6. The 13-year olds.. they are the most trying, their brains are under developed and surging under the onslaught of hormones. Had I the power, I’d put them into suspended animation until they turn 18.

    • If you can find a way to do that, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams!!!

  7. Though I am a winter person, even I am having problems with the gloom..I don’t suffer from SAD like some members of my family..but I wish I could hop a plane and head for San Diego..just for a week..
    Hang in there..we’ll make it through the next couple months..We’re hardy Minnesotans, Garrison says so..:0

    • Yeah, but Gary goes to warm places during the winter and says that. I think we should go, too.

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