Posted by: chlost | January 5, 2011

Communication and teenagers do not mix

My three children are all adults now. They are relatively successful people.

My clients are almost all teenagers.  Overall, I think I work well with them.

My nephew is fifteen. He is my late sister’s son. He and his father live half a continent away.

Over the holidays, my brother-in-law and nephew came and stayed with us. We had various other family members staying here off and on throughout the holiday.  My nephew slept in various areas of the house, depending upon which room had an open bed or other place to sleep.  He was a good sport about being the one bumped if there was an adult who needed a bed.  He is not a little guy, either. He is now about 6′ 2″. But in our family, that’s nothing.

When my husband went to clean up the basement bedroom yesterday, he found a pair of jeans. These were the jeans that I’d given him for Christmas. They were still in the plastic shipping bag.  He had worn the sweatshirt I gave him. He hardly ever took it off as a matter of fact.  But apparently he’d never taken the jeans out of the box. The sweatshirt was on top of the jeans in the box.

So, tonight I have been texting him, to see if he just forgot the jeans, or if he didn’t like them.  No big deal either way. just want to know. I am not big on texting. I really only do it with him. He doesn’t like to talk on the phone, and I do what it takes to keep in touch.  I don’t have a keyboard on my phone, so it is challenging to do much texting with this phone. He is almost always texting more than one person at a time, so he often can’t keep track of who he is talking to on each text.

Over the course of about an hour, with 14 text messages, it has finally been clarified that I should mail them to him. 

Somehow, I think there must have been an easier way to get to that point.



  1. the important thing is that you take the time to keep communication with him going. He may not let you know, but it means a lot to him.

  2. You got me beat! I still have yet to ever send a single text message! (knock on wood) With my typing skills, it is quicker to mail a letter. Trust me, I started typing this comment 3 days before you did this post! 🙂

    • I am slow and stupid with it, but have done it.

    • LOL! I’m with you…I don’t know how to text. (But it took me less than a minute to type this comment. They typos and grammatical errors can speak for that.)

      • If I had a keyboard for my phone, it would be much easier. I think I am about ready for that. Typos will still abound.

  3. I was forced into using text, facebook, mobile etc by the younger members of the family who refused to communicate by landline or often even by email. I am glad you are there for your nephew in such a supportive way: I am sure you have helped him so much get through the last year.

    • They are taking over the world in now. We have to keep up or jump off.

  4. As for the Idiot, well we all know he is prescient and all-powerful;)

  5. You’re very patient. I can see myself getting frustrated before a resolution was figured out. I know I’ll be sucked into the texting world at some point, but I’ll hold out as long as I can!

    • I tried. I failed. I’m texting.

  6. You are a good Auntie..I have a nephew who only texts..I have honestly tried..but it just is to frustrating for this old broad.. :0

    • Oh, it’s not the old part that makes it hard, it is the fingers. Slow.

  7. I admire that you have the patients to work with teens. Arghhh, they are so frustrating.

    • Sometimes they really are….but imagine what our elders thought about us. Groovy, man!

  8. Yes, either phone him or you get a new phone with a keyboard. I too feel very behind the times with my grandkids.

    • I’m voting for the new phone.

  9. You certainly have a lot of patience. Texting! That is harder for me than learning a foreign language it seems.

    • I’m slowly getting better at texting.

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