Posted by: chlost | January 8, 2011

Serendipity times two

Sometimes things that can only be explained by serendipity seem to occur in my life. Usually, I just shrug them off as coincidences, not thinking much more about them. Those are the usual things of life, it is bound to happen once in a while.

But yesterday, we had two very odd coincidences occur on the same day. I call it serendipity. My husband just calls it weird.

We moved to our current home almost exactly 10 years ago. Even though it is only 10 miles from the former town, we don’t seem to get there together very often. Yesterday, my husband and I were riding together to that town, to take care of some business there.  As we drove, we were chatting about some of the things that we had done while living there, and some of the people we had known.  We wondered aloud about one couple in particular. They were many years older than us, probably about our parents’ ages. My husband asked if I knew whether they were still living in the town,or even if they were still alive. We haven’t seen them or even thought about them for many years now.

As we walked in the downtown area, of course, we ran into this couple. They are both retired and have moved from their previous home to a townhome.  We chatted about kids and other miscellaneous small talk before the cold chased us all away. Both my husband and I walked away from the conversation saying “that was really weird”.

Later in the day, my husband decided to begin a search for a new (to us) car. He is nothing if not thorough in an endeavor like this. He had researched hundreds of cars, checked the consumer reports ratings, the NADA pricing charts, and had listed about a dozen cars in order of his preference. He had a chart of the order that we would look at the vehicles.  As we drove into the city to look at the first car, he was explaining his criteria and his reasoning in making up this list. I listened, impressed as always at his organization for this type of thing. I told him “I think it would be really nice to have a remote start. I thought it was really cool the way the kids’ car could be started from the house last winter”. He had not made a note of any extra features for the cars.

Of course, when we talked to the dealer about the first car on the list, he mentioned “Oh, and it has a remote start”. 


If I had been in charge of the purchase, I would have bought it right then and there.  My husband is not that type of man. He had to test drive it, go through the small talk, and some wheeling and dealing, and THEN he bought it.

I hate buying used cars.

But we are very happy with the deal, it was the exact price we had set as our goal. Even with the fake “There are others who are thinking of buying this car, we are waiting for them to hand in their credit application” and the “My manager has to come in and discuss this with us”. What a crock-like we didn’t know what they were doing.

But back to the serendipitous part—both my husband and I walked away saying “The part about the remote start was really weird”.

Life is odd.

Sometimes all you can do is just shake your head and mutter “That’s weird”.

PS We love our Avalon-now we have two!



  1. Can you and your husband sit down tonight and think of the first 6 random numbers that just pop into your heads? I really need to hit the lottery! I might as well catch ya’ll while you are on a hot streak! 🙂

    • Hmmm-that’s an idea! We were just talking about how much we’d love to win the lottery. We’ll let you know if it works!

  2. It would have been even weirder if you’d walked into the car dealership, and the salesman was your former neighbor.

    Still, kind of fun to see how things can line up that way. Congrats on the new car–and for being on the other side of that painful process.

    • Odd that you mention that, as the neighbor owned a car repair business,and very well could have been a salesman in retirement!

  3. Neat day!

    • yes, it was!

  4. What a deal! I wish my husband was interested in cars, but he is not. I usually have to do the research. But then I don’t mind research.

    • He loves the research. In the relationship, whoever loves it should do it.

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