Posted by: chlost | January 12, 2011

Another day

Today was just another day. Nothing big happened. Nothing bad. Just a day like every other. It wasn’t a day that would make me look back to say “I remember January 12, 2011-what a day that was!”

For those who are fighting for their lives, in Tucson, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Australia, and so many places throughout the world, today was a special day. It was a day that those people are alive. A day to fight for their future. A day of hope.

And I just took it for granted. I just expected it.  As if it was owed to me.

I’m sorry.



  1. A really good point. Life is a gift we must not take for granted:)

  2. I think we have to live as if each day is owed us. If we constantly dwell on the wonder of being alive, we will those moments of wonder – like trying to maintain some high. At the other end of the spectrum, how would we be able to cope if all the sorrows and horrors of life weighed upon us each day?

    I think it’s good to step back once in awhile and realize how much we do take for granted, but I don’t think it’s possible to constantly remain in that mode.

    So…you’re not allowed to feel guilty!!

    For me, January 12th was the day the computer system at one job went haywire (why do we use that expression?) and I got to spend my working hours free of updating our website or responding to emails. It was actually quite nice. It seems that there are many people only too eager to email us about every little thing who, if required to pick up a phone and talk to us ‘in person’, will let most, if not all, of those little things go. I vote for more technology free days!

    • ‘we will LOSE those moments’. Editing, shmediting…

  3. Never apologize for expecting to have a good day, a good life, a good anything! You cannot be held responsible for those who do not have these things. We all get opportunities and make choices. At this point you are probably thinking of the young people you work with – and you are right they get bad choices made for them. As one of those kids, I know that they will reach a point where they can make their own choices, encourage them to make the right ones so they can be the author of their own good life. Meanwhile, enjoy yours to the fullest when it’s good!

  4. We shouldn’t but we do take days for granted. Guess if we really thought about it, no day we are alive is ordinary. Too many don’t have that option.
    Thank you so much for stopping by THS and commenting.

  5. What you express here is what I often feel. Maybe through our separate existences, we can become more mindful of both happiness and suffering – celebrating one and relieving the other whenever possible.

    • Thanks-it’s nice to know that others share my feelings. I appreciate your visit here. I hope you’ll stop by again.

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