Posted by: chlost | January 31, 2011

But if I fly away now I would miss the best part of winter

There’s another big storm coming. This time, it is predicted to pass south of us, but it is still the top story of the newscast. As it moves toward the east coast, the national newscasts will report it-it is not big news, of course, unless the east coast is a part of the story.

I have been craving warmth lately. I wear big warm sweatshirts, often with a second or third layer underneath. I have actually been wearing gloves when I am outside the past few weeks. It is very unusual here to wear gloves, or even more unusual-warm hats.  I haven’t yet stooped to wearing a warm hat, but I can see the logic. That just shows how cold I have been feeling.

Even though I have lived here nearly my entire life, I have never taken a winter vacation to a warm place. Never been on a cruise in the Caribbean. Never been to Florida-ever. My mom used to live in LA, so I did visit her in southern California a few times, but it was always as part of a family get together. We did see the Rosebowl parade one year-we froze. I think I was colder in those bleachers than I have ever been here on the tundra.

In my mind, I have been weighing the feasibility of a winter vacation.

Is it worse to stay here and endure the winter weather until spring, or is it worse to go away and then have to come back to this winter weather until spring?

I have been checking the travel websites nearly daily. I have been looking at the fares to warm destinations. Florida, California, Cayman, Jamaica, Hawaii, Greece, Italy. They all sound glorious. Warm. Sunny. Green.  But there are so many conflicts.  The cost is too high. My mom is going to be moving this weekend. My sister will be here the following weekend. My husband works every other weekend. Our kids are going to be moving in a few weeks. The baby will be here in another few weeks.

Then it will be May.

By May, I won’t need a trip to a warm place, I won’t even want one.

If I can just make it till May, I’ll be fine.



  1. I keep a sunrise/set table (downloaded from the U.S. Navy) for our location on my desk at work. It looks like any good data chart, so while I stare at it, daydreaming, no one questions my activity. We will gain an hour and a half of daylight this month! Minnesotan? You betcha!

  2. There are travel “deals” out there if you shop. Years ago we bought into a “vacation plan”, many people call it a “time-share” but it is different. Ours is through Fiesta American (Mexico) but it can be used at Hilton resorts and in Europe. THAT is the only reason we have been able to take tropical vacations. If you just buy them they are very expensive.

    Last year we booked a 3-bedroom condo in Cancun and had three of our four kids and their partners with us for 10 days. It cost us $39 booking fee.

    Yes, we paid upfront for the plan, but our mistake was paying retail from the resort. If we had known we would have bought our plan on the resale market which is much much lower. Google vacation plan and timeshare resale and see what you find.

    As I say, we’ve been to Cancun 4 times, Los Cabos 3 times, Hawaii 4 times and going again in May. In 2012 we are planning on spending a week in Portugal. There is no way we would have ever taken those trips had we paid for them individually.

  3. We’ll make it! I don’t wear a hat or gloves either, not even a ‘real’ winter coat, just a fleece. Tonight I was driving with my car window open for awhile just because, it’s below zero and I live in Minnesota! It’s all relative anyway.

    • What a goof! Open window is going a little farther than I’d ever go! 🙂

  4. You make your husband take you on a cruise!! During the winter! You will love it! Don’t take no for an answer……go in and punch him in the head and tell him you want a cruise!!! And if he balks at the price, tell him that they are much more affordable than you would think once you factor in everything that is included in your price per person. They are awesome! You do one and you will be hooked! Go! Now! Track him down and tell him CRUISE!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. You sum up my feelings every winter. Interestingly, even here in Turkey this winter, we all have a little case of the Winter Crazies. So, yea, we’ll go to Italy. I hope it’s warmer there!

    What I’ve realized this year, for once and all, is that travel can be expensive, but it’s worth it. If you’ll go into debt for a car or for a house, why not for travel? Two of those things can catch fire and be gone forever, and one of them belongs to you into eternity, once you’ve made the investment.

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