Posted by: chlost | February 15, 2011

As I live, so shall I blog: Positive is as Positive does

The last few weeks, I seem to have lost my momentum in trying to see things more positively. It has been a stressful time, to be sure.  But I really want to get back to a more upbeat attitude toward life. It makes everything easier.

So, I am sitting at my computer, trying to come up with something that I can post that would qualify as a positive subject.  So many of the blogs I read have witty, funny, interesting subjects. I want to be more like those people (can you picture young me with a little pout, pointing to the good people, while pulling at the dress hem of an adult?) .

First of all, I need to figure out where everyone gets those cute little pictures that are used in their blogs. For example, I could have inserted one of those cute pictures instead of the parenthesized explanation back there. That would have looked so much more sweet and it might have brought a smile to your face.

Where do I get those?

Then there is the part about the title. In order to have a more positive title, I will have to come up with something catchy, perhaps with an explanation of the post, or maybe something that continues the theme. There seems to be a trend of titles that could be part of the post, but get used as the title instead. Long titles also are very popular. I am going to have to make a long, catchy title. Oh, and many of the titles have an explanation. Something along the lines of “Wherein I learn the art of posting”. Would that be a good title for a post? Hmmm-this is going to take a little work.

When writing positive posts, it seems to help if there are one-line paragraphs.

To make them easy to read?

Another very common way to make a post easy to read, and to make a cute point without having to go into a lot of detail, is to include single word sentences. Single word sentences are meant to be read with a sense of “duh!” in your mind. The “duh!” is often accompanied by a smile.

If there is a very positive message, often these last two methods are combined.


See? Doesn’t that seem upbeat and happy? It certainly has a better chance of making both of us, writer and reader, feel more positive when reading it than a long sentence that goes over and over the point, with many commas, and more words than are necessary to make the point.

Finally, I suppose that I will have to consider the actual subject matter of the post. This blog has often been more of a journal than a themed blog. That means that it often includes my thoughts. As my thoughts are often not very positive, I guess that I will have to avoid those as post subject matter.

Many people have very funny blogs. I am not good at telling jokes. I don’t tell funny stories very well. My sense of humor is rather dry. If I tried to use funny stuff for a blog post, it would just be sad. So those types of  posts won’t make this blog more positive.

There are political blogs. I read those sometimes. I tend to read those that agree with my political opinions. My political leanings are to the left. Liberals are not likely to find much positive to post about right now. Plus,  no one really wants to read  political stuff all of the time.

There are cooks who blog. Many people include recipes, pictures of food, or reviews of restaurants they have visited. My cooking skills consist of five ways to cook hamburger, rotated through the five days of the work week. On weekends, my husband and I do drive-thru food, primarily. Nothing positive there.

There are travel blogs. I enjoy reading those. Travel is positive! I love to travel. But the last trip I took was to Oregon a year ago. The posts would be on an annual basis. I think it might be depressing to realize that I only travel once per year, and the blog would not be positive given that.

Okay, then~no thoughts. No jokes. No funny stories. No cooking. Not travel and not politics.

AAACCCKKKK! I am no good at this! I have nothing!

Why am I even writing this blog anyway?

Oh, yeah—it makes me feel positive about my life!



  1. As to pictures, cartoons, etc., yesterday I googled “paperwork images” and voila I had a cute cartoon!

    I try not to write about politics but, dammit, I’m into politics and worried about my country so sometimes I have to vent. And I wish my life was all skittles and beer but it isn’t so I have to vent. Sue me. 🙂

    Just do what ever floats your boat on any given day and I’ll try my best to be around to read it and comment!

    • I’m going to have to try doing some searches. I like your political “venting”.

  2. I like your blog. Positive is good, negative is OK, too. It’s life. Enjoyed the post. Gave me a smile bright and early in the morning and that in itself is quite an accomplishment. I am NOT a morning person!

    • Me, neither-but I find that I wake up at 7 even on the weekends. I am not quite functional until 10, though. A smile in the morning is good.

  3. I read you because you are interesting to me. If I get to Minneapolis once a year, it’s a big deal. What some people see as dull will look interesting to me if it’s different than my day-to-day. And “AAACCCKKKK!” is quite funny!

    • And I get to Grand Marais about that often, too, and I love it. It is one of my favorite places. Thanks for reading!

  4. What I’ve enjoyed most about your blogs is feeling like I’ve made a friend. A person who has and is experiencing, thinking, feeling, ranting at many of the same things I do. It’s so good to know that we are not alone. Let your blog be whatever it will be. If you need to scream, rant, wallow – this is a safe place to do so. I read you every day and miss you when your gone.

    • Thank you for your friendship. I like it that I have a friend in the sky!

  5. Don’t try so hard to think of something to blog about. There is all kinds of stuff floating around you that you are not even seeing. I love your blog because it is actual REALITY written by a real person. There is nothing fake or insincere about you. You don’t really on goofy fiction, crazed rantings, pictures that having nothing to do with the post, etc. What you are doing is fine! Every normal person has periods of ups and downs through daily life, which is exactly what you write about. Just let yourself go and blog about what exactly is on your mind on that particular day. If you are having a bad time, just blog it out. If you see something funny, blog it out. As you notice, the one line sentences are now my preferred writing style…but whatever makes you feel comfortable is great. I get all my pics off of Google Images or Bing. If I want a pic of an idiot on a bicycle…I just search for “Idiot on a bicycle”. Sure enough, it always works! Bottom line. Personally, I don’t think you should change anything about your blog or the way you write. Those of us who read you, like you just the way you are. Of course there are a lot of days when you feel like there is nothing to write about. That is normal. You could always do what I do in that situation and go back and recount some story, whether it be serious or funny, from your past. That is always a great way for us to get to know you better. I will quit rambling now…. time to get back on the bike! Have a great day Chlost! 🙂

    • I love your one sentence paragraphs. I am jealous of your ability to keep the sense of humor going on your blog. I have been feeling that this blog doesn’t really have an identity or style. But I guess that maybe that is its style. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. You may not think you’re funny, but I think you are. By the end of this post I was laughing. I tend to have a sarcastic sense of humor so your dry sense of humor is right up my alley.

    Your blog is whatever you want it to be, I agree with the previous comment that you shouldn’t force a change.

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