Posted by: chlost | February 17, 2011

Skipping just a little

The day is shrouded in a thick gray fog. A slight drizzle is in the air. The high temperature today is predicted to be 55 degrees F.

This all leads to one conclusion: Spring is near!

It has been a long hard winter. The snow has been on the ground since last November. It is still white on the ground, several inches of snow remain. There is no visible grass, but the streets are slowly clearing. The pavement is visible. There are puddles. Yesterday I noticed that the water was running along the gutter, into the storm sewers.

The smell in the air is fresh. If it could accurately be reproduced and bottled, it would make millions of dollars. The current artificial fragrances are nowhere near the real thing. I have almost convinced my husband to allow me to open the windows just a small crack overnight. He thinks I am crazy. Perhaps. It is likely that we will return to normal winter weather soon. But that won’t last. Spring will be here. Sometime soon.

Excuse me if I try to skip a little today. It would not be  a pretty picture, but I may try it. Spring just has a tendency to do that to me.  Finally.



  1. We were supposed to have snow last night. It’s sunny and I’m going for a bike ride.

  2. Last week we had 34 inches of snow in front of the shul. We put a yardstick in it and made bets on what the level would be by this Friday. As of yesterday it was down to 22 inches.

    I’m not a spring person, fall is the season I like best. I hate the dampness of spring as the snow melts, but…I always enjoyed seeing the crocuses bloom each spring. In the spring I miss not having a flower garden anymore.

    Yes, it has been a long winter but I, too, have hopes it will soon come to an end. Last night I dreamed I was again living on one of the tropical islands where I once lived. I went outside and it was snowing…Yep, winter has been way too long this year!

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