Posted by: chlost | February 19, 2011

Weekend bliss

This afternoon my husband and I took my mom to see a movie. The King’s Speech finally made it to our local theater. I had wanted to see it over the Christmas holidays, but it was not playing here at that time. I guess that an academy award nomination has a way of increasing a film’s show locations.

This was a great movie. Colin Firth, whom I already love with a few exceptions-the stupid ones he must have taken while waiting for this role. He is amazing. The photography is amazing. I even like Geoffrey Rush in this movie, and I rarely have liked him when I have seen him in other movies.

The only other film I’ve seen which was a nomination for best picture is True Grit. The King’s Speech was far and away the better movie.

See it if you can.

A movie, and a dinner out with my mom. My husband’s dream date, I am sure.

Otherwise, we had a quiet day.  Quiet Saturdays are just what we need. I’m looking forward to a big night of reading and then on to a quiet Sunday as well.




  1. Sounds like a great evening to me!!! And I like Geoffrey Rush!!!

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