Posted by: chlost | February 22, 2011

Ready, aim, sell!

Unfortunately, I have been watching a little more television lately than is good for me. I tend to watch more when I get into the doldrums and have no energy or inclination to do anything else. Okay, that describes approximately the past 5 years. Anyway…….

While I was watching these past few days, though, it hit me:

I am no longer the target market.

It is really nothing new. I have been outside the 18- 30 age bracket for a long (don’t ask!) time now. In fact, I am all right with that. I really don’t want to be 27 again. It was too much work. At that age, I was working full time, parenting full time, and exhaustion was my daily companion. Plus, we were poor.

There is another side of this fact which I have only recently realized, however. I am unlikely to do any of those things done by the people in the commercials. You know, those activities that the actors portray, simulating the wonderful life you too will have if you purchase their product.

It is a reality that only recently hit me.  I will not go kayaking.  I will not be running.  I won’t be wildly dancing.  Those things are no longer going to happen. Actually, they never did.

The advertisers don’t believe that I will do those things. They are not selling those products to me.

The ads directed to people my age are selling products to  cover the gray in my hair, keep me free from nearly every medical complaint that I can imagine,  allow me to obtain a scooter to go shopping, keep my urine from ruining my clothing or the furniture, and a medication which will allow my husband to maintain an active sex life.  As if he’d want to have sex with me if I’d urinated on the couch.  Kind of puts a damper on things, don’t you think?

Do you think Depends comes in a thong version?  Would that help?

Bingo! Maybe this will put me back in the advertising  bullseye again!



  1. I’m pretty sure I’m older than you and I’m kayak shopping. You are only as old as you think you are – so think young! No, I’ve not been active for years, this is a new thing for me – getting ready for retirement and actively enjoying the freedom of my golden years. Hmmm golden.. wonder if they meant it the way I’m thinking it. Nah. Probably not.
    Worried about you when I heard about the new storm coming.

    • There are some activities that I hope to reclaim, but I never did some, and am unlikely to do others. I tend to enjoy the quiet stuff like reading and blogging. I want to get more active—-it will have to wait for spring though.

  2. I’ll bet the adverts view you as a good consumer of chocolate, though, and that’s lifelong. We’re all in that audience, right?

    • I am definitely a consumer of chocolate. Lifelong.

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