Posted by: chlost | February 24, 2011

And a little tear runs down his cheek

We here in the Midwest have been watching all of the Wisconsin politics quite closely. It is hard to watch, honestly. I get so angry and frustrated about it that I get worn out. I then need to just remove myself from all of the news and forget about it.

There is one question that has come to my mind as I watch the Governor’s attempt to strip some public workers of the right to negotiate their employment conditions:

What are the Native Americans thinking as they watch all of this?

It must be a little satisfying for them to see our government unilaterally breaching a contract again. This time the government is trying to reneg on legally binding agreements entered into with a group of citizens, but which have now been deemed unreasonable by a subsequently elected government.

Sound familiar?

Isn’t that how we violated nearly every treaty ever entered into with the Native American Tribes?

I can imagine that man in the old commercial looking out over the landscape of Wisconsin saying “We told you- Never trust the government to honor an agreement, you fools!”



  1. I have been following the situation in Wisconsin real close and am praying that those Senators continue to hold out and can keep that sad excuse for a Governor from exerting his power. I saw last night that in that whole 20 minute phone call with what he thought was a major contributor, he never once mentioned a fiscal crisis. His stunt is not about money, it is about politics, plain and simple. It is disgusting. I think your take on the Native Americans is right on the mark. They are sitting back saying “I told you so…”……. Like you said, never trust the Government……

    • My understanding is that the workers have agreed to the wage and benefit concessions, and are only asking that the collective bargaining portion of the bill be withdrawn, but that offer has been refused. It is certainly NOT about the budget.

  2. Just to represent the other side… I think its about time that unions got slammed. Yes, I am in a union – The Teamsters – required to get/keep my job. They have done NOTHING for me or my co-workers except collect union dues. This they do very adeptly. Wish I could say the same for their representation.

    I’ve not followed the Wisconsin issue, as the news for me as become one of those things I didn’t create, and cannot control, so I save sanity by not watching. Thus my anti union comment is generic rather than specific.

    • Even though I am a member of the Teamsters as well, it is not the rights of the unions that I am referring to, it is a larger right of citizens to negotiate with the employers. Unions can be voted out if they are not doing their job-and should be. But citizens should have the right to join them, and benefit from the negotiation with the employer, whether private or public. I also am frustrated when the government backs out of the deal they negotiated.
      But I understand your frustration.

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