Posted by: chlost | March 4, 2011

Marriage is a trip of its own

My husband has now caught my itch to get a trip planned for this summer.  I have been telling him over and over these past few weeks that I need to have a trip to look forward to in order to survive the rest of this horrible winter. Apparently the feeling was contagious, or else he has just gotten tired of my voice on this issue.

In any event, we are in the mode of dreaming of a trip. I love this part of the vacation experience. I love dreaming about the trip, finding places to go, things to do, working out an itinerary. It is going to be a road trip. We both love road trips, and with the way flying has been recently, I am all for avoiding it if possible. Even at $4.00 a gallon for gas, the road trip trumps a 3 hour flight with a free-if not particularly complimentary or soothing body rub-a cramped rental car, and a mirror image 3 hour return flight.

So, we are discussing a few options. As we live in the midwestern US, it is almost equal distance to either coast. We are trying to decide between going somewhere we have been (many times) before, or scoping out someplace new. Guess which option I prefer, and which is my husband’s choice.

He is leaning toward Glacier Park in Montana. An absolutely beautiful place. Wonderful scenery, wildlife, and people watching. Days of sitting on a veranda just reading or thinking or watching, with a few day hikes or walks in between. I don’t do much hiking, so he would have to hang out. Not his strong point, especially there.

My possibilities are Vancouver and Victoria Island, British Columbia, or Maine and Prince Edward Island. I have been through Vancouver, but didn’t get to spend any time there or get to the island. Husband has been to both many years ago. Neither of us has been to New England, or that side of Canada. I did live in New York State for a few years, and took a “checking out colleges tour” with my daughter to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Not the same as a vacation, though.

There is another consideration in choosing the destination. If we were to go east, we would be in a car, just the two of  us (and maybe the dog), seeing no one else that we know for at least two weeks. In over 30 years of marriage, we have never done that. We have always had one or some of the kids with us, or met other family members someplace, or traveled with a group of family. If we go west, to either Glacier Park or Vancouver, there is a good chance that our daughter would be able to meet us for a little bit of the time.

We are thinking of taking the trip in late July or early August.  Our thirty-second anniversary is in October. We’ll see.



  1. Trip planning sounds fun. I hope you can agree on a destination and enjoy your time together. At least you have incentive to make it through the winter 🙂

    • Only time will tell, but I enjoy the planning, anyway.

  2. Have you considered the Train? G and I have been having wonderful vacations on the train. I fell in love with the north east on the train. Portland. Seattle. Vancouver and back across on the train to the midwest. No strain.

    • I would love to take the train to Seattle and Vancouver some day. I am not sure if we are ready to do it this summer. We gave our daughter a gift certificate to take the train for a gift. I don’t think she’s used it yet. I want to know what she thinks.

  3. Ah! The joy of planning. I spend many a pleasant hour planning flights. How I will go, where I will stop, what I will see.
    You could come west, but go to a different park – say Yellowstone or Yosemite. As to kids – maybe its time for a “Mom and Dad Only” trip.

    I’m sure where ever you end up, the trip will be wonderful. You are so lucky that your husband will travel with you.

    • Yes, there are 3 parts of a trip: planning, being on the trip, and going through the photos to remember the trip. Love them all! I would imagine planning a flying trip would be a huge undertaking-so dependent on weather.

  4. You’ve never gone on a long trip alone together? Well, it sounds like it’s time!

    • I pointed this out to my husband, and he reminded me that we did take a trip before we were married.

  5. I have never been to Glacier or Vancouver. I LOVED Maine! What a beautiful state with real nice people. Just go somewhere…anywhere….. You deserve it!

    • That’s my opinion, too!

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