Posted by: chlost | March 6, 2011

Of babies and penguins

We had a party, a baby shower today, to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our third granddaughter. We went to a very good restaurant. Good family friends of ours/theirs had put the party together for them.  It is not often that you have a baby shower for the third child. But someone did it for me, and I found it was great-so many things had become worn out by the time of the third child, there were not many hand-me-downs available.

The friends suggested that rather than buying gifts for the baby, however,that the guests consider donating cash toward a minivan that our son and daughter-in-law are going to buy. Their Toyota Corolla will not fit three car seats. It was something different for me, from the old school to have the suggestion made for the cash. So, I got them some basics and then made a donation as well. They received a check for $500.00.  Their friend made a cute big check and gave it to them. Let’s put it this way—they have very generous and loving friends. In the room, there were three pregnant women, and a couple with a three-month old baby. They are all getting at the age to have children. It seems a bit odd to watch it in this next generation. Seems like only yesterday………..

Tonight it is snowing-a lot. If it rains cats and dogs, what is the equivalent of snowing?  Snowing like….horses and goats? Polar bears and penguins?  That sounds better. In any event, it is awful. Who knows what mess we will be waking up to in the morning.

I can’t believe the weekend is over. I am going to watch my PBS shows tonight (Doc Martin is a favorite!) and pack it in.

Another day closer to spring. No matter what it looks like out the window.

I’m just going to go and close the shade now.



  1. Oh crap. Not about your daughter-in-law but about the snow! I looked outside just now and you are right, it did indeed snow again. Will this winter ever end?

  2. I understand the request for money, but it takes the fun out of getting to buy cute baby stuff.

    • Yes, I had to buy a little something.

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