Posted by: chlost | March 10, 2011

Turning my frown upside down

In trying to decide what I wanted to write today, I went through a little list.  There is always politics. Lots of politics today. I will keep it short and sweet. I’m mad about it.

Okay, on to other possibilities. The weather. It was warmer today. 36 F. It was sunny today. It is supposed to snow again tomorrow night. Obviously, it is still winter.  I’m mad about it.

Another possible subject-personal, family things. The bill arrived for my mom’s care. She has some income, social security, a small pension from her time as a nurse at the Los Angeles County Hospital, one half of my dad’s pension. Let’s put it this way, her retirement benefits are not the reason California’s budget is in a mess. Her income is not going to be enough to meet her expenses. It sucks to get old. I’m mad about it.

Okay, here is a possible subject-my little dog. He is a miniature Schnauzer. He’s a very cute, very sweet guy. He is absolutely devoted to me…..kind of embarrassing, really. Yesterday I took him to the groomer. It was a new person, but at a pet store where I have had him groomed many times before. The groomer did a horrible job. His little beard is lopsided, and his eyebrows (one of the signatures of the Schnauzers) are drooping. It cost $50 to have him groomed.  Badly. I’m mad about it.

This doesn’t seem to be turning out very well.  What is another possible subject?  Traveling!  As I have mentioned, I am hoping to take a road trip this summer. Last night I asked my husband whether or not he had decided about taking a trip, and where he would like to go. His response was that a trip would be nice, but he really just didn’t want to spend the money.  I was surprised, because he has been talking about money that he has and that he is planning to make a pretty big purchase soon. I’m mad about that.

Okaaayyy… about something I’ve seen on television.  I did watch a little bit of Oprah today with my mom. She decided that she had to leave to go to dinner at 4:15 pm (I think they start serving at 5-don’t ask!),  so I didn’t see the whole show.  It was about men who have been sexually abused. I hope that the subject begins to be more openly discussed. I see a lot of abused children, including boys,  in my job. The show was very graphic, and brought out a lot of issues. It made me mad.

I need to move to a subject that will make me feel good. Let me leave you with some photos of the two  people in this world who always make me smile. I will never post photos that would be identifiable, but these will just give you a little peek at the sweethearts who are so special to me.

Our youngest granddaughter

Our oldest granddaughter

I’m not sure why the caption didn’t make it, but obviously the bottom photo is of our older granddaughter.

They do not make me mad. I smile every time I think of them.  They are so sweet.  Okay, I am going to focus on them now.  THEY MAKE ME VERY, VERY HAPPY!



  1. With you. With you on that one, too. Yep, and that one. Not so much, on the Schnauzer eyebrows, but I empathize with your frustration. Guys? Yep, BTDT, and I’m mad, too.

    And then…Boy, am I with you on this one! Those sweet little heads, those angelic, curved cheeks. Grandmotherhood…GOOD STUFF!

    • They will never know how much they help me get through some days.

  2. The world does provide lots of stuff to be mad about, but I’m glad your mind settled on what makes you happy. (Good thing you weren’t doing the ‘three positive things’ post today. That would’ve made you mad, too :))

    Keep smiling!

    • I guess I could have counted the two kids and the third on the way to be the three positives!

  3. You have two cute little Grandkids there. Whenever you start getting swamped with negativity, just pull up those pics of the kids….. You tell your husband that he HAS to take you on a trip….or else!! Rent a wood chipper and make him watch “Fargo”…..he’ll get the idea!

    • Those two kids are the best antidote to the challenges elsewhere in life. Still working on the trip.

  4. I’m there with you about the suckiness of getting old. Grappling with the care needs of my 96-year-old aunt and 89-year-old father… The financial, physical and emotional stress and strain is tearing our family apart. I think there are many people in this country who are feeling great anger and frustration over this terrible elder-care situation.

    Your granddaughters are a blessing! I know you cherish their presence in your life! Little rays of sunshine!

    • Families are struggling with caring for their elders. It is not from lack of caring, it is lack of resources-both emotional and financial. It is ironic that the care of grandchildren balances the care of grandparents.

  5. Balance. Some things make us mad. Others make us glad. If only we could figure out how to fix/change the maddening things. You have 2 almost 3 grandbabies to hug and love…that makes ME MAD.. not really, just a bit jealous.

    • I am keeping the good things in my mind, sometimes the others push them aside, though.

  6. I try to avoid tv shows about abuse because I see too much o it everyday at work.

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