Posted by: chlost | March 11, 2011

Will cockle-doodle do?

A rooster has sacrificed his comb so that I may more easily walk.

Let’s bow our heads in his honor for a moment.

Today I finally had my appointment with an orthopedist for my very painful knees. This is the doctor who is known to be very brusque in his manner, but very good as a surgeon. I personally do not want to have surgery. Ever.

I also don’t like to be in pain, and I also don’t like not being able to move around, sit up from a chair, walk up stairs, get down on the floor or chase after my grandkids. So, in to the doctor I went.

First they took updated x-rays. These show that my knees are almost bone on bone. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? It does explain the pain. The little padding that is normally in between the top section of your leg and the bottom is nearly gone.

My family history for joint destruction would have predicted that I would have this trouble. My mom is the bionic woman. She has a hip replacement, both shoulders replaced, and  a knee replacement. She should have the other knee replaced, but it is too risky for her to have surgery. My father also had a lot of pain in his knees, but he never did anything about it. He endured it, as most good old Scandinavians would do. His mother had a knee replacement, and never walked again. She stayed in a wheel chair. I don’t think she ever did the therapy after the surgery.

Anyway, today they gave me a shot of fluid that is made from rooster combs into each knee. I must have two more shots in each knee over the next two weeks. I am also going to be doing physical therapy.

My sister is a physical therapist and believes that this will make all the difference for me. I hope so.

I wouldn’t want a rooster to have sacrificed his comb in vain.



  1. Glad you are taking the less severe treatment first. I know a lot of bionic people and those who were religious with the therapy, even after it was called for have done the best. My SIL is one of those. On a replaced knee she and my brother ride about 1000 miles a year on bicylcles. I think you get back what you put into it.

    • I hope to be like your SIL.

  2. I feel your pain..My right knee probably needs a replacement..can’t walk far
    and it does tick me off but not enough to go see a Doctor yet.
    I am not afraid of the surgery, I have had orthopedic surgery I can handle th temporary pain..but I do fear the complications that can come with it.
    I have seen good results and bad.
    So for now I just take my Alieve and hope that the barometer stays steady.
    I hope your rooster didn’t die in vain 🙂

    • I’ve seen horrible results and not so good. Only a few really good results from the surgery. Not ready to go there.

  3. I just read through your back posts. Some were really funny – like the one about what to blog about. You made me also decide that I will call that knee doctor. I had a “work injury” in 2000 where I knocked my knee so bad that I have a tear in my meniscus (the knee cartilage.) Since this was “workman’s comp” nothing was done really. I cannot run, can only go down steps one at a time and it hurts. A month ago I felt something in there and it hurts now most of the time, but I put off going to the doc. I’ll call one next week, after I find one that is… I feel for you and your winters. My husband gets so cold when it is 40 degrees here – today it was 71. You need your vacation. Victoria is a lovely place or British Columbia and Montana is gorgeous too – you can drive over the mountains and go to the lake on the Canada side..You need to do this now as it will create beautiful memories for later. You know life goes quickly and you never know what may happen – think of Japan. Actually just after we moved to Georgia I felt our bed move – my husband said it was my imagination, but it was a little quake.

    • Let me know how your doctor appt. works out. I am still working on the vacation. I won’t give up.

  4. Rooster combs? Fascinating! My mom was a physical therapist, too, so I may be partial, but I find physical therapy works better than surgery in most cases. I’d be shy of any surgery, too, as every time I get some something seems to go wrong. Hope your knees are doing better very soon!

    • My sister the PT thinks the therapy will do magic. I hope so.

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