Posted by: chlost | March 13, 2011

Mariachi band serenade included at no additional charge

My creative talents are quite limited. Writing this blog has been my attempt to nurture one of the few limited talents that I may have in my creative arsenal.

I always have wanted to be creative. Both of my sisters seem to have had creativity in their genes. My youngest sister was an amazing singer. She also sewed, made beautiful pottery, and could draw or paint almost anything. She had an eye for color and style, and would send me clothes that she thought might improve my alarmingly dull wardrobe.

My middle sister knits beautifully. She also has done painting and drawing. She loves to cook, and has a very strong talent in home decorating. She also has an eye for fashion.

My sisters obviously inherited my share of creative talent.

This is why I decided to try to add something creative to my attribute list….”She is tall, she loves her grandchildren, and she is so talented at…….crochet”   Yes, crochet.

I signed up for a crochet class.  “Class” is a bit of an exaggeration. There are two of us who are sitting at a small table in the middle of a very cramped yarn shop. The shop is in the basement of a bookstore. I am a regular at the bookstore. I decided to become acquainted with those women at the yarn store below.

Yesterday was the first lesson. I have crocheted before. Approximately 20 years ago, a friend showed me how to turn a skein of yarn into a fancy baby blanket for my youngest child.  When my daughter-in-law asked me to teach her how to make a blanket for her second baby, I must very sheepishly admit that I took over the project and made the blanket myself. I commandeered it. Stole the project from her.

It made me realize that I enjoyed making something. I liked that I had something to concentrate on, taking a little metal hook with a long piece of yarn wrapped around it, making loop after loop until a blanket magically appeared. I hope she was able to forgive me. We’ve never really discussed it.

So now there is another baby coming into the family. I want to make something for this baby. Hence, the class. I decided that maybe I should try to update my skills, and maybe really learn what I am doing. I found a pattern and some yarn for a baby hat. My daughter-in-law doesn’t like the traditional baby colors or the cutesie clothes. So, I found colors and an out-of-the-ordinary pattern for a baby hat. I started making the hat right when I got home.

And, in my totally compulsive and obsessive way, I kept going until it was finished. It only took me about 8 hours, three times of tearing it apart and starting over, and $40 worth of materials-including a pattern book with lots of very ugly crocheted children’s  clothing. One of the items is a white romper with black spots on it that look like a dairy cow. Here is the hat:

Crocheted baby hat As I didn’t check to be sure that my stitches were the same size as the directions called for, this hat is actually big enough for my oldest granddaughter to wear….or if not, the younger certainly could wear it. So, I may have to figure out a different pattern and project to make for the new baby. Especially as the thing turned out to look like the cover to a fajita warmer.

I may have found a new creative talent I enjoy, but it doesn’t mean I’m good at it.




  1. I’m a big believer in the idea that we don’t have to be good at something find pleasure and fulfillment in doing it. Your creativity gene was dormant and is now waking up, yawning and stretching! Don’t give up! I think the hat is pretty unique and I bet it would make a lovely gift for your oldest grandmother… Some of the nicest gifts are “mistakes.” And you know how they say older children feel left out when everyone is showering the newborn with gifts? It makes sense to make a fuss over the older children who will notice the gifts given to them, too!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’ll keep plugging along at it.

  2. That is why the guage is so important when crocheting clothing. Now with blankets it doesn’t matter – big or small workss. Crochet can be a very productive way to go creative – look for free patterns on the internet or check out books from the library. I’ve crocheted since I was five and usually have a piece in progress. Some of them have been progressing for years..! I think the hat is cute and I like the colors.

    • I have this very pleasant picture of you in my mind now, crocheting as you are on auto pilot over the Pacific Northwest! 🙂 I doubt that is how it is done, but it brought a smile to my face!!
      Tnanks for the encouragement. I was told to look at a website called I am going there right now.

      • Made me smile too! I’m thinking that the next time a certain friend of mine goes flying with me – I’ll bring out the yarn and hook and ask him to fly the plane… can hardly wait to see the look on his face! Gonna be fun.

      • Be sure to let me know how that turns out!

  3. As long as you enjoy it, that is all that matters! I am sure that over time, you will become great at it. Have a great day! 🙂

  4. I agree with the other commenters that you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it. (I’m not good at bowling, but I still like to play.)

    My grandma on my dad’s side crocheted all the time. She was amazing – she would be crocheting, nod off to sleep (with her hands still holding the yarn and needle) and then wake up and pick up where she left off. How she could remember her stitch count, I don’t know.

    Good luck with the new creative outlet. I liked the hat and I hope you will show future projects!

    • See, here’s the thing with me: I am very competitive. I tend not to like to do things that I am not good at. It is a weakness, I know. Especially as I am not particularly good at many things.

  5. I’ve been talented at crochet for years and years! I’ve increasingly sophisticated books and patterns, increasingly rich and varied yarns, endless hook sizes. Even a very tasteful caddy that sits by my favorite chair. And sits. And sits. I think it may have been there for years and years!

    I have finished two scarves. Ever. Years and years ago. I don’t know if I’m more talented at writing, but I do tend to finish more blog posts.

    • I love to look at the books and patterns and think of how nice they look. “I could do that”. But no, not really-not well.

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