Posted by: chlost | March 16, 2011

This is your brain. This is your brain on winter…..

Now that we are finally in the middle of the month of March, there are some signs that spring may finally be making a slow return to this area. Certainly nothing is growing yet. The snow still covers the ground, and what grass there is remains brown.

But the temperature reached 55 F today on my car’s thermometer, there are puddles in the streets, and the snow that is still piled along the roadside is dirty, thinning, and crusty. Around here, this is good news.

The lakes are still frozen over. The ice fishing can’t be done in a “permanent” ice house. But people are still driving out on the ice to fish just for the day. In our little town, there is a contest to guess when an old vehicle, which has been left out on the ice by the city, will go through the ice. It is a little misleading, as the engine and all of the gasoline have been removed for environmental purposes, so the car doesn’t weigh as much as you might think in making the guess.  Apparently, there is prize money involved. I haven’t entered the contest.

It reminds me of the old television show “Northern Exposure”. I really liked that show.

I think that I am a little ahead of things, though. When I walk from my car to  a building, I have started to leave my coat in the car. I have been tempted to step outside with the dog as I let him out for his “business opportunity”. I even opened the sunroof today on the way home, to let in a little fresh air. Not all the way open-I am not completely crazy-but just the little vent crack at the back of the sunroof.

The weirdest thing, though, happens as I sit here at my computer. In the past few days, I have found that when I turn to look out of the window, I expect to see green grass and leaves on the trees. It surprises me when it is actually a snow-covered lawn and bare branches which greet my eyes.  I have been working on the computer, or talking on the telephone, maybe reading something very intently. In my mind somehow, it is already spring. It is very odd. It has happened several times now. It is very disappointing, to say the least, when reality hits.

My poor little old brain is just worn down.

May. Someday it will be May.



  1. Reading this reminds me how lucky I am that Spring hits in March here instead of May. I hope your snow melts away soon!

    • And it makes me wonder once again why I am here and not where you are.

  2. Yesterday I walked outside, not far, about 2 or 3 houses and took photos for my post – many trees in bloom. That’s the thing here we get spring early and it does not last long – we get into summer too soon. For example today is already 77 and by Saturday it is supposed to be 80. I don’t have any of my spring clothes out yet and I have to get tee-shirts out! I am not complaining though – I love the sun and would get pretty depressed if it were always raining like in Seattle.

    • I am so looking forward to seeing our crabapple tree bloom. Then I know that it is spring!

  3. chlost;
    In response to your comment at my blog. YES! I am working toward achieving my goal – convincing women that flying is a wonderful thing to do! My retirement date is just a couple months away and I’ll be spending most of my time traveling. One trip I’m planning is to go to McGregor, Tamarack area to visit. Email me direct if you want to discuss.
    Spring. We all yearn for it. Here in WA the constant rain is depressing as all get out. As I remember a winter I spent in MN, at least you have sun shining on all that snow.

  4. Yes, I expect it too….but more winter is on the way. Hugs.

  5. Small world! I am watching season 3 of Northern Exposure on DVD each night after D’Aun goes to sleep. I LOVED that show. I can watch those episodes over and over and they are still awesome. So, your lakes are STILL frozen over? Gah! Don’t scream at your monitor when I tell ya we hit 89 here today. I told ya not to scream!! I think Spring has already arrived down here. Want me to box some heat up and ship it up to you?

    • Loved that show. I should get the DVD set.

  6. It got to 61 degrees here this afternoon. The calendar says spring so it is no wonder we get a little disappointed when we look out the window and see snow there, and bare brownness here. Two little crocuses and a few snowdrops are the only color so far. I hope your crab apple tree blooms soon!

    • A crocus would be a welcome sight.

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