Posted by: chlost | April 10, 2011

Life has taken up all of my time

It has been a while now since I have written anything here. The fact is, I have been crazy busy with other things, and this blog has been neglected. I guess I can at least get out something tonight.

Last weekend, I had a wedding shower for my husband’s niece. She seemed to enjoy it. The guests were an aunt and cousins from my husband’s family, my daughter in law, my niece’s fiance’s mom, and her neighbor. I am not one for the silly shower games, and I had been wracking my brain to come up with something for these people to do at the shower. In the middle of the night, of course, I got a great idea!

The women at the shower cumulatively had nearly two centuries of marriage experience. So, I made the theme “How to Grow a Marriage”. I bought a small watering can, some seed packets, a small flowering plant, and some inexpensive garden tools. I used these for a centerpiece. I put a label on the watering can, “How to Grow a Marriage”. I cut small pieces of paper and placed them with pens at the table. Each person was to write some advice for the bride as to how to make a good marriage. I had a few slips of paper already in the can with quotes I found on the internet, just in case no one played along.

After she had opened her gifts, the bride read each of the slips of paper out loud to the guests.  For the most part, the advice notes were quite good, a few were fun. She said that she really liked it.

I was exhausted after that day. I had spent nearly the entire day on my feet, and my knees were so bad, I could barely walk.

Over the course of the week, I worked on a baby afghan that I was making for my soon-to-be born granddaughter. She is due on April 17, so it could be any day.  I have been frantically crocheting during any free time that I have had all week. I tore the thing out at least 5  times so fix mistakes, and had to go back to the store to get more yarn.  I adapted the blanket pattern from a pattern for a scarf, and the woman at the store who helped me grossly underestimated the amount of yarn it would need. The store didn’t stock enough, so it is a little odd looking as far as the size.  I finally finished the baby afghan this morning. No new granddaughter yet, so I got it done in time!

Crocheted baby blanket

The month of April is chock full of birthdays around here, so almost every weekend we will be celebrating someone’s birthday. This weekend it’s my brother. His birthday is tomorrow, so we went to lunch today. He has a new (quite a bit younger) girlfriend, and this was the first time she and my mom have met. It seemed to go well. She seems to be very good with my brother. We all have our fingers crossed. He is now 46, never married, and desperately wants to be married, or at least in a serious relationship.

Next weekend is my husband’s birthday, then it is my two granddaughters, my son and my daughter, all in rapid succession. And, there is likely a third granddaughter sneaking in a birthday somewhere in there, as well.

My husband has been obsessive about the Master’s Golf tournament. As I have been crocheting, I have heard more about that tournament and the men playing in it than I ever thought I could handle. At one time, my husband had every television and one computer with the tournament on at the same time. Just in case he had to move from one room to another, he wouldn’t have to miss something. I can’t think of anything I am so interested in following.

The weather has finally turned. We had thunderstorms last night. A little green is starting to poke through the brown grass. The window is open just a bit at night-the smell of spring is in the air.




  1. Lucky baby to have such a pretty blanket. All those birthdays – a lot of cake. Think how wonderful it is that you have so much family to share those events with.
    Spring. Couldn’t be soon enough. We had freezing and hail last week. Daffodils are everywhere though.
    I’m still enjoying those Eagles.

    • The colors are not your traditional baby colors, but I think her mom will like them. I don’t need cake, but there will be a lot of good food over the next few weeks!

  2. It is very pretty at this time in Augusta. My daughter lived 4 years there while attending medical school and she was given (you can’t buy them) tickets to the Master’s. Even though I live in Georgia I had never heard of the Master’s until I went to Africa. On the way back from Senegal I read “Jeune Afrique” a French African magazine. In it they were saying that a “young Asian man” was the favorite at the Master’s. When I landed I searched for the young Asian but could not find him on TV. The African magazine had mentioned his mother was Thai, (that he also had dual citizenship) that he was a Buddhist and his name was Tiger. I think even his father has Asian blood, but in the US Tiger is considered an African American, and in Africa he was considered an “Asian.” I thought that was so bizarre. Anyhow my husband did attend one of the Master’s with his cousin and bought a cap. That’s about it for the Master’s but, it sure is lovely there.

    • It looked wonderfully colorful and warm there. I think that is very interesting that Tiger was considered to be Asian in some parts of the world. Just goes to show it is all based on your world view. We are very limited here.

  3. Glad you’re back, was starting to worry.

    • That’s sweet. Thanks! I hope I can catch up now.

  4. Lucky baby to have you in the family. Yes, things are blooming here too, but it’s still in the 40’s in the mornings. That was a most delightful and ingenious idea for the shower too. 🙂

    • Thank you. The bride seemed to enjoy it-I wasn’t sure about how well it would be received. I think you have flowers there, we are still far from that.

  5. Your wedding shower idea was stupendous! I found myself thinking about what I would write. Not easy for a retired marital therapist; I would need my own table.

  6. Ah. I’ve got it…my little piece of marital growth advice. Short and sweet.

    Say these words as often as possible: “Honey, you could be right.”

    • That is wonderful! One of the quotes that I took from the internet was from a writer (I can’t remember who right now) which said something to the effect of “The successful marriage is based on each partner acknowledging that the other might be right sometimes, while not really believing that it is true.”

      Good advice. I like your version, the shorter the sweeter, the better.

      I’ll bet you were/are a great therapist!

  7. I love the wedding shower idea. I hope the advice helps her out 🙂

    Great blanket, too. I can see why your blog has spent some time without you – just reading about your April makes me tired. Hang in there!

    • It is getting more busy each day. But that makes it all the more interesting!

  8. So good to know what’s up with you! And it sounds like things are about to get busier, so we may have to be patient for the next post, eh? I LOVE the blankie–and congrats in advance on the new grand-daughter.

    Now, about that Master’s Golf Tournament being broadcast everywhere…oy.

    • Thank you-the things we put up with in a marriage……..I know that he would have some things to say about what he puts up with from me!

  9. The Afghan is beautiful…Glad things are going well with you..:)

    • Thanks! I hope you are doing okay. I have been thinking of you.

  10. I love your idea for the bridal shower! And the baby blanket is beautiful – I like the non-traditional colors. April sure is a very busy month for you!

    • We keep wondering what everyone was doing in July that our April is so filled with birthdays. Guess we are busy in July as well!

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