Posted by: chlost | April 18, 2011

Stick taxes where they belong

When we vote, we get a little red and white sticker to wear all day that proudly proclaims “I Voted!”. I am not sure when that started. Maybe it was around the same time that reward stickers for little kids became popular. It is the American version of the purple index fingers we saw in Iraq’s first election.

Today is tax day for the U.S.  The tax forms must be submitted or postmarked by today.

Paying taxes is just as patriotic as voting.

Why isn’t there a sticker which I could wear which proudly proclaims “I Paid My Taxes!”?

In our society, we receive many benefits just from the simple fact that we live and work in this country. For all of the debate over the tax legislation currently being considered, taxes are meant to pay for the services provided by the government to its citizens. I am lucky to live in this country. I am lucky to be working. I benefit from being a citizen of this country.  I am willing to pay taxes in return for the services I receive, as well as to ensure that others have necessary services as well.

I will admit that I wish everyone actually paid their fair share of taxes, but that is another blog post.

Maybe I will make my own sticker to wear.

I am an American. I pay my taxes.



  1. I understand and agree completely! Here’s a link I found today over at a friends blog: — I think you’ll like it and there’s a rally near you today at 4:30. Have fun and give ’em hell!

    • Thank you! I checked the link. I will be watching to see if they got many people there. It is not in a place where I could be today. Great idea!

  2. I get it that taxes are necessary. I just wish that “we the people” who pay the bulk of them had a lot more to say about how they are spent.

    Until that is the case, I’m going to try and pay as little as is creatively and humanly possible.

    • I agree, I would like to have more say in how they are spent, but I know that I can’t have control-there will be things that I don’t agree with. And, I don’t pay more than my share-we are entitled to take whatever is allowed in determining our tax share. Just wish more were paying a fair share, too.

  3. You know, I think that is a great idea. Paying taxes acknowledges the infrastructure, the environment and the freedom that enabled the ultra-rich to BECOME ultra-rich. For them to pay little or no taxes is sticking it to the people who do the right thing.

    I think the people who dodge the tax system yet benefit from all that it brings, are UN-Patriotic. Of course, the ultra-rich likely don’t care; “freedom” to them is merely the freedom to make as much money as you possibly can.

    • Exactly-the super rich are that way because of our society and the opportunity it affords to become rich. From what I can determine, they feel that they are entitled to not pay taxes, because they became rich solely due to their superior money making abilities, ignoring every benefit that they received on the way to making that money.

  4. Me, too. And I can’t help but resent the wealthy folks who manage to pay less tax than I do!

    • I agree.

  5. Here here on the some people needing to pay MORE taxes! I know you don’t want to climb up on the soapbox but it totally gets under my skin WE had to pay Taxes….but GE did not…… GAH!

    • Soapboxes can be fun but they do get old. I think we agree on this stuff.

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