Posted by: chlost | April 21, 2011

Not at all terrible

Today is my youngest granddaughter’s second birthday. Two years old!

She is named for a singer. Won’t go into it any further, for privacy reasons. It is not a common name, not a girl’s name—let’s just say she will be the only one in her kindergarten class with that name. No Katelyn, Jessica or Darcy here.

It is amazing to me to see how much of her personality is already in place. I forgot that.  My three kids are all adults. They all have the same genetic pool, they are all very different. My granddaughters are also quite different personalities, even at ages 4 and 2. How does that happen?

Our little two-year old is smart, loves cats, bugs, and her momma. She mimics everything her older sister does. She is strong willed (sometimes also called stubborn). She has a pout/scowl that will be a classic when she is a teenager. It is cute now. She backs up to a wall or cabinet, or the furniture, squints her big blue eyes at you in a menacing way, and juts out her bottom lip. Melts an adult’s heart every time—but momma and daddy are tough.

She is not talking much yet. She calls her daddy “YaYa”- the Greek word for grandma. So my son is being called by my name-in Greek! If you ask her what a kitty says, she mews, if you ask her what a dog says, she pants like a dog. Horses are another favorite, along with cars and trucks.

She will sit to have any book read to her for as long as my voice will hold up. She is anxious to show me all of the interesting things in the picture book, such as the bugs and the kittens.

Her squeal of happiness is unmatched even by her sister’s. She has big blue eyes, blond hair, and a big, happy smile.

She runs to greet me, and will sit on my lap as soon as I can sit down with her. She is a sweetheart, pure and simple.

I cannot wait to see what she will be when she grows up. As the middle child of three girls, she is going to have many challenges. She has no idea what lies ahead for her.  Neither do we, for that matter. But I am willing to bet that she will be great at whatever she chooses.

Happy 2nd Birthday from Ga, sweetie!

Two years old!



  1. What a darling Grandma’s girl. Love how you wonder how that cute pout will look on a teenager.
    Cute picture and glad she is eating fruit with such pleasure instead of candy.

    • Oh, believe me, these girls eat the healthiest food ever. They don’t really even like candy.

  2. For some reason the picture is not showing for me – I’ll have to come back later and see if something is just buggy at WordPress. The quality of “stubbornness” can be put to good use as persistence and tenacity in worthwhile pursuits!

    • I hope the picture came through. I think persistence and tenacity will be her strong points.

  3. Happy Birthday darling girl. Clearly your grandma loves you and you her. What lucky ladies you both are.
    chlost, your description of her actually paints a picture – excellent writing!

    • Thank you-I know I am lucky!

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