Posted by: chlost | May 9, 2011

Family week

These past days have been busy and stressful. It seems as though it has been a long time since I have even checked into the computer, let alone this blog. I finally have a few minutes to take a deep breath.

Our newest granddaughter was born early on the morning of May 3rd. Our daughter-in-law was able to have a vaginal birth after two previous c-sections, resulting in 25 hours of labor and a 9lbs. 3oz. and was 22 in. long baby. My daughter-in-law is my hero after all of that!  The baby has lots of dark black hair. None of my children had any hair when they were born, so it was surprising to see her with all of the dark hair.

Within a short time after her birth, the doctors realized that she was not breathing well. They determined that she had fluid in her lungs and pneumonia from inhaling the meconium during her birth. She was transferred by ambulance to a local children’s hospital. She had antibiotic treatments for 48 hours before being discharged to home. Needless to say, our son and daughter-in-law were exhausted after all of that. I stayed with the older girls during that time. Luckily, my work week was very light and allowed that flexibility.

The baby is home; she is beautiful and healthy. The family is doing well.

Within a day of the baby’s return home, we had out-of-state guests arrive for the weekend. They were here for the wedding of my husband’s niece. It was nice to have them here. We really haven’t had much chance to get to know them well up until now. They have stayed with my husband’s brother in the past when they are in town. There were four of them and a little dog. They were easy guests, but one of them arrived a day early. So, the one day that we had expected to use to clean and organize for the guests’ arrival was gone. My husband took him out to see a museum for the day and I did as much as I could before the other guests arrived.

The wedding went well. It was a relatively large wedding of approximately 225 guests, the full church wedding service and country club reception. My brother-in-law was a nervous wreck, but handled it well. There were several others who celebrated too much, but there were no incidents as far as I know. My sister-in-law made a toast which had our side of the family in tears, and the father of the groom made a toast which had the whole room laughing. A good balance.

Our guests left around noon, and my brother arrived a short time later for a late mother’s day dinner. We met my oldest son for dinner with my mom in the city. The day had been quite cold and rainy, but the sun came out as we had dinner. The restaurant was along the river, so it made for a pretty evening.

After dropping my mom off, I came home and went to bed. I was exhausted.  A full week. A full family.

Now back to the real world.

I heard a rumor that sometime over the past week someone infamous was killed.



  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been on overload! I hope you get time to catch up on rest! And congrats on the new grand!!!!

  2. My wife, who usually handles stress pretty well, is feeling overwhelmed due to my surgery and now issues with her father’s declining mental capabilities. His recent fall and a trip to the ER set her back somewhat. She is usually the bastion of stability but I can see things are weighing her down. She did take a moment, though, to breath a sigh of relief at the killing of that infamous person.

    • Caring for elderly parents is a huge stress. Being the support person for anyone who is ill is very hard. Your wife has my respect and admiration. Take her away for a weekend sometime when it is possible!

  3. Phew I am tried just reading your schedule.
    That had to have been do scary with the new baby being sick and I am so happy all are well now. You need to decompress now. Spoil your self.

    • The sick baby was hard, but at least it was only for a short time. I couldn’t help but think of those who have to handle that issue on a long term basis.Very stressful. I don’t know how they do it.

  4. Congratulations! You’ve been in my thoughts – I was helping you worry about the arrival of your granddaughter.
    Tired you may be, but tired from time with family is the best possible kind. Especially when it’s all good like births and weddings.
    Again, congrats Gramma!

    • Thanks=my best asset right now is my family. The more, the better, whether by birth or marriage!

  5. I’m glad your granddaughter was okay. What an exhausting week!

    Yeah, there was a little news coverage over the infamous person’s death. You had to watch closely or you’d miss it 🙂

    • The news just keeps coming,doesn’t it? I think I should ignore it more often.

  6. Your closing line illustrates so perfectly how busy you’ve been. My, my, but what a time of high emotion and taxed energy. Congratulations to all of you–and kudos to your daughter-in-law for her hard work in the labor. I’m so glad you were able to be with the older kids so that Mom and Dad could focus on the baby.

    • Things are finally slowing down a bit. I love spending time with the little girls. They are amazing.

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