Posted by: chlost | May 11, 2011

And when you’re frowning, the whole world seems to frown with you

We apparently have skipped spring as it is now summer. Just three weeks ago, we had snow. Yesterday it was 80 degrees. We have already had severe storms, including tornadoes.  Some of the early flowers are blooming, my granddaughters are making dandelion bouquets and the grass in our yard should have been mowed already.

So much for four seasons.

Other than the wonderful addition to  our family, I am feeling pretty negative right now. After being gone from work for several days, I am not in the mood to be back. I could get used to not working. Very easily and very quickly. It doesn’t help that I am totally burned out and feeling more than my usual anger at being taken advantage of by my employer. Will those feelings pass?  Maybe.

For right now, things just seem crappy. Except for my family. And I do have a vacation planned in July. Looking forward to that will keep me from losing my mind.

I hope.



  1. So sorry your mood is damp. Keep your family close and think vacation. I reached burned out once, fortunately it was right before retirement. Hope the vacation helps.

    • The vacation is one of the things that is keeping me going. I knew that I needed to have that to look forward to. Now I have to figure out another trip to keep me going when I am back from the first one!

  2. I feel the same. I’m ready to give up on everything but need to hang around for May 21st when the world is supposed to end so I can laugh at the nuts who believed the billboards!

    • Oh, yes, I forgot, the world is ending next week. That changes all of my plans………………

  3. The sunshine is with you. You have a new granddaughter. Job might suck, but your not on the street looking. I know! Shut up Granny, you don’t want to hear this uplifting junk. Sometimes we just need to wallow for awhile. Enjoy it, while you need to.

    Hugs and hopes for happier times for you ahead.

    • We finally do have some sunshine. I am trying to let go of the bad stuff. Thanks for your support!

  4. When can you retire? New job? All I can offer are hugs and tell you that it’s spring here.

    • No retirement on the horizon, but I would love to find a new job. We’ll see.

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