Posted by: chlost | May 15, 2011

Spring bugs me

Finally! A sunny, spring day! Warm, a little breeze, perfect for this time of year.

Today was garbage.

We are on the board of a local political party. No-that is not the garbage I am talking about.

Our board has adopted a portion of a local highway as a community service project. At least one time per year, we walk the ditches and clean up the garbage left behind by the wonderful citizens of our area. We picked up bags and bags of pop (soda to most of you) bottles, beer cans, CDs and DVDs (?), foil chip bags, plastic bags, and all varieties of car parts. How do you lose a mud flap?

We also took home sunburns, sore muscles, aching joints and wood ticks. Lots of ticks.

No matter how many times I check, I feel that creepy-crawly feeling that there is still a tick on me. I think I got them all, but I still feel it. Crawling in my hair, up my leg, under my clothes.  Horrible little creatures.  The existence of wood ticks is a point of proof against an intelligent creator.

What possible good do these things do? They spread disease. I know of no good reason for them to exist. Any creature who uses them as a food source could probably do better with a different insect as its food.

Like mosquitoes.

After all of the recent rain, they will be out next week.

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  1. Yikes!!! I’ve worked on similar projects here in Ohio and I joke that if there’s a bug that bites, it always gets me so I can empathize. I find that children’s benadryl helps the itchys.

  2. Yes! I agree completely! I’ve long thought that Nature was taking a nap when she inadvertantly gave the OK to things like ticks.

    When she was a child in the wilds of New Jersey, Mother often came home with LEECHES. If I ever had a tick or a leech attached to me, I would turn into a pillar of salt.


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