Posted by: chlost | May 18, 2011

It’s all out the window

Clean the office. Make dinner. Fill the bird feeders. Take the dog for a walk. Pull weeds in the garden. Put out the bird bath.  Laundry. Clean the bathroom. Change the sheets on the guest beds.

No, this is not a list of things that I have done today. This is a list of the things that I could or should be doing instead of sitting at the computer.

But I am not. Doing them, that is.

My laziness continues. I don’t feel like doing much at all. I made it to work. I have handled the work emails. I have put together the list of client files I need for tomorrow. That’s about it.

I am sitting here, looking out the window at the crabapple tree that is heavy with red buds. They should open in just a few days. The entire street is lined with these trees. We have one just outside our front door.

The front yard looks so green. My  husband mowed it, the birds are walking across it, looking for juicy bugs and worms. The trees are showing small green leaves, which barely make shade as the sun shines on them. The neighbors’ house is barely visible across the street. Its white siding peeks between the branches of the crab tree. There are my diet coke cans waiting to be recycled.  They don’t spoil the view.

Looking out my front window

Every once in a while a bee flits by the window on the way to the crab tree. That tree will be able to keep many bees happy for a long time.  The sun has been glowing on and off, dimming with each passing cloud. There is a light breeze that sneaks over the windowsill, riffling the papers on my desk. The smell of the fresh air clears the musty smell of the computer. There are many birds, flying in and out of the tree, singing and chasing each other. Love is in the air!

My little dog often sits at my feet under my desk. Today he has deserted me for the bedroom chair which is much softer than the floor and which has a view of the back yard. The other morning he was very excited to wake us up at 5 AM to be sure we saw the wild turkeys crossing the yard. Today, things seem quiet. He is snoozing-well, he was until I woke him up for this picture…..he thought he’d missed something outside the window.

Just checking!

This is much better than doing all of those other things.

They will wait.

It is supposed to rain again all weekend.



  1. Wow … your list looks suspiciously like mine! I made it to work today too … and didn’t feel like doing even a little bit once I got home. 😉

    Is your pup a miniature Schnauzer? He’s too cute!

    • Yes, he is a Schnauzer. He would agree that he is very cute. Sweet, too.

  2. Yup, your list is almost identical to mine! And mine is not getting done, either, except for the laundry because Tim ran out of trousers this morning! 😉

    I’m so happy spring has sprung there for you! 🙂 The views from your window sound so enticing… Here’s to spring fever, the birds and the bees, warm weather and sunny color-filled vistas!

    • I had to get going on the laundry, too. Amazing how people expect you to wear clean clothes for work. I am hoping that this nice weather continues. It really makes a difference in how people feel.

  3. Ah, the addictive computer. I couldn’t believe how much I got done the day Blogger went kaplooee. Think it ought to go down at least once a week so we can get our should do’s done.

    • I have to be on the computer for work. It is too tempting to go to the fun places on the web rather than getting work done. I have a little withdrawal when I am away from the computer, but it is just fine.

  4. Just caught up on the new baby’s safe arrival! Wonderful. Congratulations and especially to your stoic daughter in law. Hope all continues well for you all:)

    • Thank you so much! They all seem to be doing well.

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