Posted by: chlost | May 20, 2011


Go ahead. Admit it. I won’t tell.

Somewhere deep, deep down, way down in that small little part of you that has read too many books and seen too many movies, just a tiny little microscopic part of you wonders:

Could the world end tomorrow?

Were we wrong?








  1. Allegedly it will happen in each time zone at 6 pm. Yawn.

  2. It would be my luck to win the lottery today.

  3. The universe continues on, it doesn’t care what we think it’s going to do.

  4. No, I didn’t wonder, and I didn’t get up to check when it was New Zealand’s time to start the show. But I did enjoy the opportunity to mock.

    • Mocking was fun, wasn’t it? Now we have to wait for Oct. 21st for the next round of mockery.

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