Posted by: chlost | June 15, 2011

Why politicians receive hate mail

The official notice arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ve been laid off.

Our state legislature and governor are in a showdown over the budget for 2012-2013. All funding for the state ends as of midnight June 30th. The issue is a difference of 2 billion dollars of the budget and taxes. The Democratic governor is fighting with a Republican legislature. I won’t get into too many details, but to explain that the governor is supporting a budget increase of 2 billion dollars over the two years and a 2% state tax increase on the top 2% of income earners-those earning over $250,000 is the last figure I heard.

So as of July 1, unless they reach an agreement, the state will have no funds authorized to do business.  They wouldn’t be able to pay state workers.  Thus, I’ve been notified that I will be laid off.

The notice did include a FAQ sheet, which helpfully pointed out that laid off state workers would be eligible for unemployment benefits. If all of the state workers are laid off, though, I don’t know how those checks would be processed.

Of course there are numerous negotiations and wrangling and court actions in process or threatened. The governor has requested that federal mediators be used to assist in reaching a resolution.  There are at least two lists being proposed of “essential workers” who would not be laid off (my job is on at least one of those lists). The legislature does not want a mediator. One of the court cases is asking a court to determine who should be deemed essential. Another court case is trying to keep the court from having authority to even decide who is essential. Of course, unless someone decides otherwise, the courts will be closed on July 1st.

What really irks me to no end is that the money and time being spent to send out layoff notices, file and respond to court cases, and preparing lists of essential workers is costing a ton of money. They are spending much of the disputed money just by allowing things to get to this point.

The drop-dead date is June 30th. You can almost be certain that on June 30 at 11:43 pm, there will be an announcement of a compromise: there will be some taxes raised but less than the governor wants, and an increase to the budget but not as much as the governor wants. Each side will be able to claim that it “won” in the showdown.

In the meantime, all the rest of us lost-time, money, worry. What a waste.

And they wonder why people hate politicians.



  1. I’m sorry for you and all the other families that will be affected by yet another idiot.

    P.S. It looks like you changed your commenting. I’m confused. I hope this posts.

    • I don’t think I changed anything, but WordPress may have done so. I’ve noticed it on all of the wp blogs.

  2. Maybe we should lay off the politicians and keep the people on who do the actual work. Our system, from local to federal, gets more embarrassing every day.

  3. That really bites. Government is an example of the inmates taking over the asylum.

  4. *hugs* I’m with everyone else … totally bites. What a waste.

  5. A national (global) financial crisis brings out either the best in character or the worst. Even states have characters. And whole governments. I’m still waiting for more examples of the best; I think we’ve all been trampled by the worst.

  6. Your last sentence sums up my feelings. Politicians make me sick.
    I am so sorry about your bad news letter and hope that June 30th brings compromise.

  7. I’m with Jon. Let’s lay off the politicians. I’m sick of all the posturing.

  8. My wife and I both worked for the State of Oregon in human services. We went thought this kind of crap every two years. It is also sabre rattling that the Republicans do to threaten unions. The cops always used to worry because then THEY would have to take over all the child abuse/neglect investigations. As you say, at the last minute they pull a rabbit out of the hat. That is the definition of “playing politics”.

    • Too bad it has become a game.

  9. I agree with you! Politicians are sickening. If there is a layoff, I hope it doesn’t last long. So many people are going to be affected, including you! I like your posts. You have a lot to say and you say it well.

    • Thank you! I hope any layoff is short, but I think it will not happen. There will be too much of a price to pay by both sides.

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