Posted by: chlost | June 23, 2011

Keep moving, folks, there is nothing here…………..

Here I am again. It has been several days since I posted anything, and I am sitting at my desk with nothing. No ideas on any subject to write a post.

Does that stop me?

Obviously not.

Here are just a few random items:

It is cold (high in the 50’s) and wet. It is now officially summer. This stinks. It has hardly stopped raining long enough to mow the lawn.

The two oldest granddaughters are on their first overnights away from home without their parents. They are at our daughter-in-law’s sister’s home. There are several older girls there. I am sure they are having a blast. I am a bit jealous, as I would love to have them here overnight, but didn’t think their parents were ready for that. It will be interesting to see how their parents handle the separation. I’m not worried about the little girls.

I’ve been doing physical therapy for the arthritic knees for a few months now. I have also had shots in my knees of some rooster collagen as well as a cortisone shot in the left knee. Left knee is still very painful. I have begun to talk out loud about having knee replacement surgery. This is very scary.

The Minnesota government officials still haven’t figured out a way to even talk to each other about figuring out a resolution to the budget mess. We are now just one week from the deadline for a shut down. Each side accuses the other of wanting a shut down. Pulllleeeezze—–NO ONE should want a shut down.

We are two weeks away from the start of our vacation.  I am so looking forward to being away. Is that bad?



  1. Why on earth would it be bad to look forward to being away on vacation?!? Ours is still six weeks away and I can’t wait! Hang in there, *hugs*

    • It begins to be a bit suspicious when that is all I am living for right now…..vacation. Two weeks from today!!!

      • Nah … looking forward to vacation is the only thing keeping me going right now. I figure whatever it takes, right? 😉

  2. No, it’s good to look forward to vacation. I “X” off the days on my planning calendar and get absolutely giddy when I’ve got just a few blank squares to go before the big day! I hope you enjoy your vacation.

    P.S. It’s been around 110 and HOT (and dry) all week. I’m wishing some of that weather over to you to chase the cold rain away 🙂

    • OOF! Even being dry at 110 is pretty unbearable, I would think. We had a beautiful day today. We appreciate the nice days so much more after a week of cold and rain. I’m feeling the giddiness kick in as the vacation gets closer………..two weeks!!

  3. I would be concerned if you weren’t eager for vacation.
    I have several friends on bionic knees. Those who do marvelously are those who are serious with the rehab and continue exercises each day. One friend had both replaced when she was 89. She is 97 today and still trucking.

    • The bionic knees-good description! I have one friend who had both done at the same time, they got infected and had to be removed. The second knees also were infected. She has been without any knees for nearly a year now, taking antibiotics, and waiting for a chance to get a third surgery. That has me really scared to consider the surgery. I would like to get to 97 and be trucking, that is for sure!

  4. It sounds to me like you deserve a vacation!!!! Enjoy!

    • Thanks-I am going to try very hard!

  5. Vacations are nice – I think that any trip is nice, even in a town close by. My knee still hurts a lot but I am afraid to go to a doctor as I am not sure what he’ll want to do.

    • At our stage of life, there is no trip without vacation. My knee doctor has not pushed me to any decision, just tells me my options. The physical therapy helps, but it will not prevent me from having to have the surgery—just delays it.

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