Posted by: chlost | July 2, 2011

Enjoy the good times

It’s a quiet holiday weekend. After a pretty wild thunderstorm last night, there are many trees down in the area. One of the neighbors lost several trees which were pushed over-the roots are tipped up. The trees were probably 20 years old. Another neighbor’s driveway was blocked by a fallen tree. We lost some branches, but nothing major. The chainsaws have been roaring all day.

Husband is working all weekend, so I am on my own. Today my brother was here for a bit, and we took mom out for lunch. Now I’m home, doing some reading and just relaxing. I am trying not to think about all of the work in the yard that I should be doing today. Maybe this evening when things cool down a bit. We’ll see. Then again, maybe not. Doing nothing is addicting.

We haven’t heard much more about husband’s cousin who is missing. The cousin rode his motorcycle to Florida and sold it there. He rented a boat two days in a row. If anyone knows what was going on, they are not talking about it.  Apparently, the Florida police detectives have ruled out suicide. I am not sure how they do that. But there are two words which I never thought would be included in information about this family: “homicide detective”. My mother-in-law must be horrified wherever her spirit may be. She was a very quiet, self-effacing woman. This whole thing would be beyond her comprehension. Her sister, now 87, may not have been told about it. If she has, I imagine she is overwhelmed. Their brother (the father of the cousin) lived a more worldly life than his sisters, but even for him, this would be shocking.

But my quiet little life continues. I am counting down the days to vacation. There are  scheduled things for work on just 2 days this week, otherwise my days are flexible.  Our daughter and her s.o. are meeting us for the vacation-we haven’t seen them since Christmas. We are looking forward to spending time with them. My nephew seems excited about being here and going on the trip with us. I’m hoping to see the grandkids sometime over the weekend.

My life is good.




  1. We didn’t end up seeing much of that storm at all, which was fine by me. I’m tired of driving home from work on Friday nights in either blizzards or pouring rain!

    Very strange about your cousin. Of course I had to google and read the news about him since I mostly don’t pay a great deal of attention to the news anymore.

    I’m hitting the road tomorrow to visit my kids so need to start getting ready to leave! I keep procrastinating.

    Glad to hear you’re still working, sorry to hear about your son. My bet is the shut down will last through this week and then be over. They’re all morons who unfortunately never seem to be held accountable for anything by the people who vote them in.

    • There are piles of tree bodies stacked up all along our street. There are many still waiting to be disassembled. It’s sad to see.

      I think the shutdown will continue for a while. I heard Emmer talk about his opinion that now we will see that the services which are continuing are really the only services needed to be provided by the state. They are using this as support for their argument to cut government. People are being lost in the equation.

  2. I am glad you were spared. I heard about the high winds and I guess you didn’t lose power either. Another plus.
    That is so strange about your cousin. I do hope for all involved that they learn something soon. Not knowing is awful.

  3. I’m glad your life is good. And looking forward to vacation is even better.

    • I am getting more anxious to get on the road as the days go by. Almost like a little kid.

  4. That is really strange about your husband’s cousin. How do people disappear like that? It doesn’t sound good.

    • If anyone could, I would guess that this guy would be able to do it. But no one is sure that he is alive. It’s a continuing saga.

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