Posted by: chlost | July 30, 2011

Ah, Paris!

Husband and I went to a movie.

That line deserves to be the headliner for the post. It doesn’t happen very often. Let’s just say we don’t get out much.  We are homebodies. For the most part, we prefer to just hang out at home, although we do go out to eat much, much too often. Now that we have no kids at home, it is so much easier to go out than to cook a meal for two. I’m used to the group cooking plan.

We actually went out to eat (Culvers-fast food that is delivered to your table. The hybrid eating experience.) and  took in the movie. There really are not many movies playing here that are of interest, but we decided to see “Midnight in Paris”.

The story is sappy. How do these movies get funded? But the scenery was wonderful.

Paris. Paris at night. Paris in the rain. Paris at night in the rain. It made my heart soar. It almost felt as though I was in Paris to see it on a large screen in the dark.

But then it hit. The sadness, melancholy. My sister would have loved to see this. She and I loved Paris. We loved France. We visited Paris together, on the trip we planned together. None of the other members of our family enjoyed it as much as the two of us.  It brought tears to my eyes.

I miss her.



  1. What a lovely post!

    To borrow as line from Bogey: “We’ll always have Paris.”

  2. I read all your updates and admired your beautiful photos from Montana. I went to see Midnight in Paris. It was a sweet movie and good for tourism I would think as it shows the best parts of the capital. Did you see that the guide was played by Carla Bruni Sarkozy (the wife of the president)? She is nice unlike her conservative husband.

  3. Oh, dear. As I age, I find that all the sweetest things come in packages complicated by the past. I never don’t think about someone I’ve loved and lost when beauty happens, because their connection to this bit of beauty or that one was what made the thing beautiful.

    I saw Midnight in Paris last week and it was a nice escape. And Owen Wilson did an amazing Woody Allen impersonation. Woody Allen will always be funded, always be able to get the big names, because it’s traditional. I thought the movie was charming in that small way Allen prefers.

  4. What a beautiful comment from Nance. That’s so true: all the layers of our lives fold into our present.

    Which is to say, oh, sweets. I’m sorry.

  5. Movies seem to come out and are on NetFlix by the time I get around to seeing them. We go to the local theater about twice a year, if that.

  6. Oh dear, I thought this would have a happy ending, the two of you on a rare night out, with a romantic movie after a meal.

    It is true, when one is older nothing is ever as it was, something always gets in the way of unalloyed pleasure.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I like it here.

  7. Some of the most beautiful moments are bittersweet.

  8. I always feel sad when I watch “Steel Magnolias” but I still watch it anyway. It reminds me of being young and driving up to Nachidoches and it reminds me of my sister. She was also diabetic.

    I haven’t gone to a movie at a theater since 1988, Honolulu Hawaii! Theaters are just too loud for my sensitive hearing. I watch movies at home instead. I’ll have to watch for that movie. Love Paris as well. Ah, to be 21 and in Paris again…

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