Posted by: chlost | August 2, 2011


The news is out.  The invisibility cloak of Harry Potter fame is real.

It is something that I was discussing recently with friends. They didn’t believe me. I had read earlier that the cloak was in process. Now I have proof that it is true.

What does this mean?

First of all, the current technology can only make very miniscule items invisible. But the possibilities are endless!

My initial request is that the developers work to adapt this technology for the good of all. Especially me. I want one of those cloaks that would make all of my middle (that’s right ALL of it!) disappear. Do you have any idea how many millions of dollars are at stake in this one application of the technology? Not only will every person whose middle looks like mine be lining up with dollars-or credit cards-waving, waiting to buy this, but every other current middle-reduction option will be out of business. Who would use the ab-flexor when there is a cloak?

There must be many other good and useful applications for this technology. This will definitely be a benefit to society!

Spouses who want to “disappear” for an afternoon to watch television or read a book rather than do chores will find it quite helpful.

If there is a mugger stalking you, just pull on your invisibility cloak and you will be safe.

If the police are after you, push a button to activate the invisibility shield on your car, and you will disappear before you are caught.

If you want to secretly watch your boyfriend when you suspect he is cheating on you, the invisibility cloak will protect you from discovery.

Wait, all of these are ideas that would allow bad behavior. It would seem that almost all uses of this technology by the general public would encourage negative actions.  Maybe it would not be for the good of society after all. That’s too bad.

I can still use it on my middle, though, right?



  1. Absolutely, so long as I get to do the same!

  2. Indeed!!!!!!

  3. Interesting post!

  4. That has always been my super power of choice. Then I really could be the fly on the wall.

  5. They could sell small invisibility cloaks that you place on the body part of your choice.

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