Posted by: chlost | August 17, 2011

Battle stations, everyone!

“Summer is nearly over.”

That was Husband’s reaction to the fact that it was August 15th this past Monday.

My reaction is a bit different.  “Winter is just around the corner.”

Yes, it is. And that is depressing.

My brother was part of the conversation as well. He had been having similar thoughts. “Most of the time, when we are in the middle of the August heat, sweating and swatting the bugs, just the thought of cool, white, refreshing snow flakes makes me long for the summer to be over. Not this year.”

My continuing quest to figure out exactly why we are living in this place of long, dark, frigid,  snow-packed winters and hot, humid, mosquito filled summers bracketed by short spurts of fall and spring, has reached another brick wall. There is just no rational explanation.

On the few beautiful summer days when the humidity is low, the sun is high and the temperatures are moderately hot, I often hear comments such as “This is the kind of day that we dream of in January.”  Or this one: “This is what makes it worth living through the winters around here.”

My response? “No. No. No,  it doesn’t.”

There are many, many other places in the world. There are even many places in the U.S. where one does not have to suffer through five months of bone-chilling, eyeball-freezing winter. In fact, there are places where a person can enjoy the winter, play in snow, and yet avoid endangering their lungs by breathing in  air which is colder than a sub-zero freezer. Colorado, Northern California, Utah, Montana and Vermont come to mind.

Today is an absolutely stunning day. Bright blue sky. Sun shining between the leaves to highlight the brightly colored roses. A breath of a cool breeze coming in the windows. Low humidity, with a predicted pleasant high temperature of 80 F.

But I am having a hard time enjoying it. Instead of feeling the beauty of the day, I am feeling the threat of the winter lurking right behind it, just waiting to pounce with teeth and claws bared. We know it is coming. It is inevitable. There is nothing which can be done to prevent the attack.

The only way to avoid being victimized is to get out of the way. Run!

And yet, here we are, frozen (so to speak) in our tracks, eyes closed, waiting for the attack to be over. Hoping to make it through  another round of the battle in one piece. Why, oh why do I put myself through this?

No firm answers yet.

But today I have reaffirmed my assumption-we must be nuts.



  1. I understand. I keep asking myself why I keep enduring Ohio winters. There’s damned little to keep me here. However, it’s been home for an awfully long time so I guess I’ll keep trying to bloom where I’m planted until it’s time to plant me! Sigh. .

  2. We have had such a hot, humid summer here, I must admit, I’m looking forward to the cold weather. Of course, we don’t usually have the kind of snow and ice you have. But, I wouldn’t mind being “snowed in” for a few days, now that I’m retired and don’t have to get out.

  3. I’ve got the flip side of your coin. I’ve wondered why I stay in a place where I sweat for five months straight and the biggest storms are filled with dust instead of water. I must be nuts, too 🙂

    Seriously, though, maybe you’re ready for a change a scenery. Maybe you could move somewhere else. I know it’s not that easy, but it might be something you should look into.

    P.S. I loved Colorado. To me it was cold, but to you, winters may be shorts weather!

  4. Autumn is nice for a few weeks. Colorado looked good to us, as well, but they talk about water (lack of it) like Minnesotans talk about the weather. I was impressed by Northern California. I need to be by some kind of water, though, either still or running, hot or cold.

  5. I couldn’t do it. I suffer in the relatively mild Southern winters.

  6. I thought about writing some encouraging words about enjoying the present, but why? You and I both know the cold is coming and nothing, even upbeat comments won’t change it. With life comes good and bad. Sometimes it does seem like the bad lasts too long.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you end of Sept. I remember MN being really pretty at that time of year.

  7. So far this year our hottest day was 85… and August is half over. The humidity is very low in Oregon making the summers nice. Even on the warm days, the wind blows in from the coast in the afternoon and cools things off.

    Oh yes, we will have Winter. Maybe an inch or two of snow, maybe a week of icy weather. Occasionally a day or two drop into the high teens, though unusual. I love this place.

  8. It sounds like you’re all ready for a big change! I hate to say it but with global warming it looks like winters will be even more severe as time goes on. It might be worth the risk and the effort needed to find a way to move to a better climate, for the well-being of all concerned…

    • I watched HGTV last night with the House Hunters International. I saw a couple with 6 kids moving to Normandy, France. The home prices were much more reasonable than I imagined. I am ready to go…….just have to get husband over the starting line with me.

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