Posted by: chlost | August 28, 2011

When do you become too old to care about what’s new?

As I was dressing this morning, a difficult-to-admit realization came to me.

I am old-fashioned.

Most of my t-shirts have sewn-in tags at the back of the neck opening. If you have purchased any clothing recently (in the past 5 years or so), you may have noticed that shirts now do not have such tags. The information is now printed on the fabric where the tags used to be located. Most of my clothing predates the changeover to printed labels.

It made me inventory the other facets of my life where I have not yet embraced the modern world. I realized that there are several areas in which I am languishing in the dark ages of past decades.

For instance, we still maintain a landline. One of these actually-GASP!-has a cord which connects the receiver to the main phone body. At least this one is cordless.

Note the cord coming out of the back. It is plugged into a wall receptacle.

Our televisions still have picture tubes. With the exception of one small television which is in our bedroom, the televisions in our home have picture screens in the shape of a square. None of them are attached to the wall.

My books are all still paper. I do not have an e-reader. I can’t imagine not having the weight of a book in my hands, or feeling the turn of a page. My eyes, after cataract surgery, would likely not handle the backlit print very well.

Although we do have cell phones, they are four years old. These are the first we have owned. There is no keyboard. They do not send emails. They cannot surf the web. There is no way to download any “apps”, whatever they are. Oh, and it flips open. That was quite the deal when we bought them.

I actually use this antique phone daily

Our newest vehicle is a 2007 model.  We feel quite modern in that it does not use a key to start it, but the others still have the pesky requirement of turning a key to start and shut off their engines.

The computer I’m using to write this is a PC which has a tower. My husband also uses a PC with a tower. We do not own a laptop.

This is a hand-me-down from my office

We still pay many of our bills with paper checks. We send them by inserting the check into an envelope, placing a stamp in the upper right-hand corner of that envelope and then drop it in a US Mailbox. The postal service presumably delivers them to the appropriate place. So far, our electricity is still on.

Snail mail does still work

On the rare occasions when I wear a skirt or dress, I wear stockings-or hose, I think they call it now. I personally cannot imagine being bare-legged in public. Especially at work.

As a kid, I remember being shocked at how old-fashioned my grandparents were. My grandmother still called the grocery store and the groceries would be delivered to her home. My grandfather wrote all of his correspondence with a fountain pen which had green ink. My grandmother wore a corset, my grandfather had sock garters.  Unbelievable to me-the thoroughly modern child. I felt such disdain for their old-fashioned lifestyle.

And now it is me. I am the one who is behind the times.  For the most part, I am perfectly happy about it (but it might be nice to have a keyboard to text with my phone, and the quick availability of books on an e-reader makes it tempting).

Shake your heads as much as you’d like, you under 30’s folk out there. Someday you too will be in my shoes.  What goes around…………………..


**BTW, to anyone who has a Blogger site which I follow-Wordpress, in all of their wisdom, has dropped all of the Blogger sites from my subscription list. I am not getting any of your updates. I am trying to figure out what is happening, but I might not be stopping by for a while. Once I find all of you again, I will catch up. I miss all of you!**



  1. Don’t bother with updates. Just click on the link:

    I use Google Reader. It’s an easy service asking only that you get a Gmail address. Which I did. Now there are all my usual blogs I read, the newest are highlighted and with easy access. Blogger didn’t drop you, so I have you bookmarked on my blog and on Google Reader. You can’t get rid of me. 🙂

  2. Find me! We’re too much alike to lose each other!

    I, too, would like a phone with a keyboard because my daughter only responds to text message requests to have an actual phone conversation.

    Otherwise, I’m right there witcha. Except, cars don’t have keys anymore? Our newest vehicle is an ’05 (I think. Can’t seem to remember.) And all of this is as it should be. There’s nothing happening in all this that is wrong or inappropriate…although I have to keep reminding myself of that.

  3. Had to get the phone with a keyboard because Darling Daughter only uses text messages … she almost never answers her phone.

    Our newest vehicle is either ’04 or ’05 … can’t remember and it isn’t important.

    We do have laptops, but otherwise everything else (landline, books, etc) is the same here. Heck, I didn’t even bother getting a DVD player until our VCR died and I found that they don’t sell them anymore. And yes, I caught major flack from the kids over that. 😉

  4. I have gone reluctantly into the modern technology. But although I have to pretend I understand it, I am also beginning to love some of the neat stuff. My brand new I-phone, which I have had for one month, pings when I get an email. Sometimes I hear it in the middle of the night, and it takes all my willpower not to get up and see who has written to me!

  5. I need a name to include you in the DFL FB group..:)

  6. Yeah, I’m a luddite, too!!!! I’m as old-fashioned as you.

    My cellphone is not a toy either — it makes and receives phone calls — and my computer’s a desktop although I do own a little laptop that I use for travel.
    I use online banking only because it saves gas but my landlord still gets a check every month. And yeah, I still have a land line. It was a godsend when our power went out and I couldn’t charge my cellphone.

  7. I enjoyed your musings about how things are changing and it seems they are changing faster and faster. Let’s see, our newest car is a 2000. It runs well and we see no need to trade it in just yet. (The other is a 1997 which our daughter used while she was in college. When she bought her own car she gave it back to us, and we still take it out for a spin now and then…)

    I’m the one who insisted we get rid of the land line – I couldn’t see the point of having two phone bills! Tim’s cell phone is the latest, mine is rather plain because I’m not one to use it much. Instead I splurged on a Kindle and I love it! Talk about instant gratification, if I decide I’d like to read a book it can be loaded onto my Kindle in a minute!

    But our TVs are quite old and clunky and square like yours. If they still work, why replace them?

    Love my laptop… It goes wherever I want to take it! Tim likes paying the bills online, and the ones that can’t be paid that way, I write a check for and drop in the mail. He also uses his debit card, but I can never remember the pin number so I still write checks when I go grocery shopping. Guess I’m with it for some things and old fashioned with others!

  8. My wife and I both have those “antique” cell phones, though we did drop the land line deciding we were paying for services we didn’t use or need. (Like $18 per month for the RIGHT to call long-distance, actual calls cost more).

    My bank does internet bill pay; at $0.44 per bill, it was an easy sell.

    I never read the tags on my clothes anyway, much to my wife’s chagrin. That’s probably why I have a lot of shirts I can wear when painting.

    • Yes, I come from the era of not replacing something that is working just fine. Seems like a waste.

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