Posted by: chlost | August 29, 2011

God just doesn’t have a sense of humor

Here we go. She is going to give us a lot more of this stuff; this is just a taste.

Michele Bachmann, my embarrassing Representative who believes that God speaks directly to her, has stated that Hurricane Irene was a message from God to the politicians of this country. Here is the link to the article about this. She later backtracked to say that it was just a joke.

Was it?

Would that make it better?

Those of us with brains who live in her district have been trying to warn that she is a nutcase. Scary part is that there are probably millions of crazies who agree with her, even on this. Maybe those people will be outraged that she backed off and said it was a joke, when they agree with her original statement.

I have predicted that she would do something so outrageous, or that there would be something discovered about her husband which would take her out of the running in even the most conservative/crazy Republican primary.

Even though I find it annoying that the media seems to love her, at least if they keep it up, they won’t miss any of the downright weird stuff that she does.

I warned you.



  1. I haven’t followed Bachmann, but I can’t avoid her because the media gives her so much face time. Her and Sarah Palin…now there’s a presidential election to look forward to in 2012. Not.

  2. Bachmann is way scary. A friend posted about this on FaceBook this morning so I’d already heard about it, I’d normally just shake my head at stuff like this but in this case, I think it would be more dangerous to ignore her.

  3. In the good old days, politics was annoying, now it is down right scary. I guess what scares me the most is that there are large numbers who think she is wonderful. Sigh.

  4. I realized what Michelle Bachmann was after I saw her hanging around with Sarah Palin during the last election and that anyone likes her tells me how badly our education system has failed us. What really scares me is that Rick Perry is worse and is now the front runner. Don’t apologize — you didn’t vote for her.

    • Perry is scary too. When it comes right down to being in the voting booth, I think a lot of the Tea Party types will have a problem voting for a woman. Perry will be the male candidate of choice for those who are MB supporters.

  5. I still shake my head at the John Wayne vs. John Wayne Gacy confusion she had in Iowa.

    • And yet, every stupid thing she does is just brushed off, and she blithely goes on to the next weird/stupid thing.

  6. Quite the funny one, our Michelle.


    • Yup, it truly is………NOT funny and VERY embarrassing.

  7. When people hear voices talking to them in their head, we call that “mental illness”. But when the voice is god, somehow that seems to be an exception. Why is that?

    • The people who hear voices and are poor are mentally ill. Those who hear voices and are rich are eccentric. Or just really religious.

  8. And I am so looking forward to the weird stuff! Bring it, Michele One-El.

    • Oh, there will be plenty of weird stuff. The more the better. It’s just embarrassing to be from her district.

  9. She is a complete nut job. I really deeply dislike the religious fanaticism in politics these days.

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