Posted by: chlost | September 2, 2011

The rakes and snow shovels jockey for position in the garage

Yesterday was the first day of September. Around here, that means that snow is not far behind.

There are several signs that it is fall in our yard. I am not imagining this end of summer feeling.

The High Bush Cranberry is turning red. This was taken on 9-1.

Cranberry bush as of September 1st-you know what's next.

We have a couple of Birch trees in the yard. This one is in the backyard (the one in the front is looking a little tough-it may have a blight of some sort). The leaves are clearly turning color already.

This is from yesterday. There are many more yellow leaves today.

Most ominous are the geese. The past few mornings and evenings they have been noisily gathering together, working out their fall travel plans. Soon, they will be in the sky- getting their wings back, testing out group flying patterns, and taking dry runs for the long trip ahead.

We have put off several yard projects to the fall this year. We need some time in between the scorching heat and the winter winds to be able to do things such as replacing landscaping around the house, reshaping a small garden plot, planting bulbs.

But the way things seem to be shaping up, we could possibly be shoveling by the end of September.



  1. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should I do a No Snow dance? Is there such a thing? Seems like there should be!

    • I think the most effective no snow step would be toward the south.

  2. Our trees were losing leaves last month but I think that was from heat stress. Now there is a lot of yellow out there. Actually I am ready. I’m ready to exchange a mower for a shovel.

  3. Snow in September? It’s in the 90’s here.

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