Posted by: chlost | September 3, 2011

Fun is just a state of mind

It’s a holiday weekend. A third day added to the regular weekend to allow extra fun and more opportunity to get away, and still enough time to drive home before going back to work. It’s a great concept. A lot of people fought to have the Labor Day holiday.

When we were younger, husband and I looked forward to Labor Day weekend each summer. It was a time for extra “celebrating”, camping and partying with friends. We often traveled several hundred miles, looking for the best campgrounds, lakes or activities. When we returned, usually sunburned, tired and often a little sick, the end of the weekend seemed to have come too soon.

Now, of course, we are older and wiser. That’s what we tell ourselves. We rarely travel on the holiday weekend. Many times husband works, as he earns additional money for working on Monday. We avoid the crowds. We take it easy. We congratulate ourselves for avoiding the holiday traffic.

For some reason, this year I am feeling a bit of regret about not planning anything for the weekend. A day at a festival, a trip away from home, maybe an outdoor concert-any of them (or all!) sound good to me this year. It is beginning to feel as though we are missing out on some fun. Everyone else seems to be doing something special this weekend. *We just don’t seem to have fun anymore* she writes with a whine.

Then I thought about it a little more. The idea of fighting huge crowds on a hot sticky day makes me shudder. My knees are such that I can’t walk very far comfortably.  When I think of going away somewhere, I feel the little calculator in my brain adding up the costs, ending with a blinking red negative balance. Who would we invite to a big party? Everyone is out of town. Plus, I don’t want to have to clean the house for a big party.  When I picture myself at an outdoor concert, the scene includes mosquitoes, rain and too loud music.

Now that I think of it,  none of it really sounds like so much fun after all.

Maybe I really am old.



  1. There must be a different way to make the weekend feel special–without it being about a road trip or scrubbing your toilet. is there something special you’ve wanted to do locally but haven’t? Or a movie you thought sounded good but never took the time to watch? Maybe, um, Skype with someone–again, making something happen that’s been on your “I should…” list.

    Just brainstorming here.

  2. If you’re old dear, so am I. I despise heat, crowds, and holiday traffic. I don’t mind driving significant distances, but don’t have the energy I used to so we haven’t been camping in years. (I want to do one more before we call it quits for good though) It takes a lot to get everything ready and clean up after. Our house isn’t big enough to have a large party even if there were enough people to invite who don’t annoy me in some manner. (Do I sound like a cranky old crone yet? I’ve been practicing.) I rather enjoy having a free day to just veg out without having to feel guilty because I’m not doing something I should be taking care of. And if we can talk the kids into visiting for a barbeque dinner, that’s a bonus. 😉

  3. Time to start some new traditions!! We travelled to South Carolina and have been walking the streets of this beautiful old city. We will travel home today to avoid the Monday traffic. In all honesty, though, I would have preferred staying home.

    If there is a nursing home near you, maybe you could go and visit a few of the residents there – you may not feel so old, and they would love the visit.

  4. I’m with you!!!

  5. I know, dear. I know. Nowadays, I value the opportunity to sit still in air conditioning far more highly than I’d ever imagined I could.

    Console yourself with this: Labor day’s purpose isn’t camping, it’s meant to honor “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations.” Which has nothing to do with campgrounds or mosquitoes. If there is nothing semi-comfortable available near us that actually honors Labor, then we’re better off finding a documentary on the history of Labor in America on television or reading a good book about it.

    Where I live, in this “Right To Work (oh, oxymoron!) state of SC, everyone flocks to our beaches to celebrate something they know nothing about. They drink too much, eat too much, and fail to pay attention to their kids in the rip currents. I’m standing by ready to hand out The Darwin Awards.

  6. Yes, it is a state of mind. I had lots of fun yesterday, and today we spent the day together quietly. Ying and Yang. 🙂

  7. I’m with Jocelyn – there are other ways to celebrate that don’t necessarily involve crowd-fighting.

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