Posted by: chlost | September 6, 2011

Are we writing now?

Is blogging writing?

Is a blogger a writer?

What does it mean to be a “writer”?

Do you have to be paid money to be considered a real writer?

I’ve read a few posts on different blogs recently that either implied or stated outright that writing a blog was not writing. One blogger is giving up on being a writer.  Although she has blogged for some time, has a popular blog which is fun to read, she stated that she “will never be a writer.”

She’s given up on being a writer.

I’m confused.

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now. I read other people’s blogs. Lots of them.  Some of the bloggers are being paid, as is possible on the Blogger site. Many others are not paid, as is the policy for WordPress. Some bloggers maintain their own independent site. There are blogs which are sponsored by newspapers, news agencies, or businesses-I assume many of those bloggers receive a salary or payment of some kind for their blogs.

I thought all of the people with those blogs were writing. Many of them are producing articles and essays on a daily basis.

Of course, some people have more refined writing skills than others. Some bloggers are better at spellcheck than others. There are some (and I count myself as being one of them) whose grammatical skills are, shall we say, hit and miss.

But I thought they were all writing.

When I decided to start a blog, one of my main reasons for doing so was to have an outlet for my desire to write. I enjoy reading. I like to try to write. I have never received any payment for writing, other than the self-satisfaction when I feel that I did a particularly good job on a piece of writing.

Now, I’ll admit that it would be fun to actually be paid for something I have written. In fact, I submitted one essay to a magazine on the suggestion of a writing teacher. It was summarily rejected. I am also working on a project which I also may submit someday. But that doesn’t matter. I just enjoy putting it together.

Almost every “expert” who is asked will tell you that print media is a dying business. If that is the case, it would seem to me that the best place for a writer right now is the internet. Perhaps on a blog.

For no matter what anyone says, we bloggers truly are writing.

We are writers.



  1. I totally agree!

    • Thank you! and glad you stopped by.

  2. Rest assured, dear lady. You ARE a writer. I enjoy your thoughts and observations on life. Keep writing.

    • Thanks so much.

  3. Hell yes!

  4. Well, when I write, I sit at my computer and type about lots of things; when I blog, I sit at my computer and type about lots of things, So the logical conclusion to be drawn is that blogging is writing. And you do it very well!!!!!

    Keep it up!!!!

    • Exactly. Writing is writing. Thanks!

  5. You’ve nailed it exactly. I have the same thoughts.. all the time. I’m confused, blogger or writer, or wasting my time?

    • Certainly not wasting your time….you are even linked into Minn Post.. Definitely a writer, Sank.

  6. I ran into an older man who started painting the other day and he said that even though his background was in finance and he hadn’t wielded a brush until the last year or two, he is a painter. I feel the same way about writing. I don’t get paid to do it, but I am a writer.

    Love this post!

    • Thank you! I agree with the painter analogy.

  7. I agree with you 100000%! You do not have to be a published author to be a “writer”. I would hazard a guess that there a ton more talented “writers” that do not ever get published (or paid) than there are professional writers. I would also bet that many professional writers are horrible at grammar, sentence structure, etc….. hence the need for editors….. You can proudly proclaim that yes, you are indeed a writer…..just like most of us that blog….. and you are indeed a talented writer! 🙂 Keep writing!

    • Thank you Mark. I appreciate such kind words from someone with such a large following and such a huge output of posts on multiple blogs. You, my friend are truly a writer.

  8. I think writers MUST write and blogging is an amazing outlet. I also think writers write to write, not to get paid and will write whether paid or not. The beauty of blogging in my eyes is that it’s personal and removes the pressure of feeling “I must write” (which always leaves me with a blank page). There have been times that I’ve stepped away from the blog for quite some time but am always drawn back because I love it so much. Agree with Mark, keep writing!

    • Yes, I agree. Writing is more of an attitude. The need to write things down, to think of “how can I write about this?” as something is happening, these are the hallmarks of a writer’s life view.

  9. I agree that writing a blog is writing. I call myself a writer, too, but reserve ‘author’ for those who receive payment for their work (which is not me!)

    I agree with TheIdiotSpeaketh’s comment (he sure doesn’t seem like an idiot to me :))

    • He is definitely NOT an Idiot, believe me! Thanks….there may be a distinction between writer and author. I’m not even sure of that.

  10. I considered myself a writer, and was told I needed a Platform. I needed a blog. Nothing about this appealed to me. But I started it, I gotcher platform right here, and to my amazement, blogging made me a better writer.

    • And your platform has resulted in great writing from a viewpoint we all enjoy reading.

  11. I think about this.. back when I was in school I would moan and grouse and rant because I had to write an “essay” for some class assignment. Now here I am cranking them out almost every 4 days for FREE! What’s that about?

    • I’ll admit, I usually loved writing in school. I was one who didn’t put too much effort into it,though. I would write it out, maybe make a few changes, and it was good to go. I still tend to write that way. The payment that I get is the comments on the blog. Worth more than a paycheck, for me right now. Oh, and btw, your “essays” rock!

  12. I don’t get paid/take ads on my blog but I sure write. Not always eloquently, but writing nonetheless.

    • It is the writing that is the important thing to me. Eloquent or not, it goes from my brain to my fingers to a screen. Kind of cool, actually!

  13. I wholeheartedly agree! Writing is writing, wherever and however it happens and regardless if it is financially acknowledged or not!

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