Posted by: chlost | October 3, 2011

The sins of the parents

We spent a long weekend in the Chicago area with my sister. She and her s.o. had a big announcement for the family.

After nearly 10 years (on Valentine’s Day) of dating and about 6 months of living together, they are getting married in December.

I can’t believe they are rushing into marriage this way!!! She did clarify that she is not expecting a baby. Whew! I was a bit worried.

She is my younger sister. She is the perfect one in the family. Skinny, well-to-do, perfect hair, perfect house, great kids, in great shape, lots of friends.

Thank goodness her guy will now have an easily definable role in the family. I have discovered over the years that there really is no term which accurately described his relationship to us after all of these years with her. They are in their 50s. Boyfriend really was a bit lame. Significant other-that sounded like hippies who were thumbing their noses at society by refusing to marry for some high moral stand. They are middle class and quite supportive of societal norms. Partner-that term is so often used to describe gay couples who have not been afforded the right to marry, even if they are desperate to do so.

Sometime before the end of the year, he will be my brother-in-law. Thank goodness.

Welcome to the family, Mike.


Husband and I are now confirmed to be horrible parents. The proof is irrefutable. All we could do at this point would be to throw ourselves to the ground and beg for mercy. It is unlikely to be granted.

Our little dog, a Miniature Schnauzer, stayed with our son and d-i-l while we were out of town.

He had to visit the emergency vet when they found he had a loose tooth. They thought maybe he had loosened it while wrestling with their dog.

Turns out that the tooth was infected and it as well as two other teeth had to be pulled.

We have not brushed our dog’s teeth twice a week as recommended by the vet.

It was due to our negligent canine dental care that our little 6-year-old dog lost three teeth.

Okay, I throw up my hands and surrender. I didn’t know. I made fun of people who do things like brush their dog’s teeth. It seemed similar to making a dog wear an umbrella hat (you know they can’t carry one). I have never (obviously) brushed a dog’s teeth. In my defense, we did have the groomer brush his teeth. At least once. It seemed weird.

I had dogs all the time as I grew up. No one brushed their teeth. As far as I know, none of the dogs lost teeth as a result. When did all of this dental care for dogs start? Why didn’t I know about it……I mean in a way that didn’t seem like a joke?

So now I will live with the guilt. I feel awful. I have apologized to him many times since we returned home. As I gave him his antibiotic and softened his food so that he could eat it, I felt the weight of his pain.

I am sorry. I’ll buy the doggy toothpaste and a brush. I promise you will get stars at your next check up. I’ll be sure you become a member of the No Cavity Club for dogs. Really. I Promise.



  1. Yikes…I wonder if that means I’m supposed to be brushing the cats teeth? Who knew? I sure didn’t….. Chlost….dear friend….sweet lady….Best Darn Lawyer in the area!….. would you please consider doing me a small little harmless favor if you ever get a chance?

    For some reason, even though I am “following” your blog, I NEVER get any email notifications when you post anything. Is there any any any any any way possible that you might consider adding a subscription widget on your blog so that this whiny little idiot can subscribe to your blog?……. I will never ask anything of you ever again and will forever be in gratitude to you……. 🙂 Pretty please…. 🙂

    • I am sure that the cats would love to have their sharp little teeth brushed.

      Try the new subscription button now.

  2. Even though you’ve suffered the consequences of your inaction, I’m still a fan of it. Because there’s just something goofy about brushing a dog’s teeth. But, heck, do it!

    Congrats to the sis; may she lose no teeth for at least ten more years.

  3. I’d brush my cat’s teeth if I could stand to get that close to her mouth. Something died in there. I hope it’s not the teeth.

  4. When I began blogging, I didn’t know that it’s the opportunities for confession to the universe (or, at least, what feels like the universe) that would make it such a valuable cathartic. Nor did I have any idea of the sheer number of things I’d find myself confessing to.

    I guess I’m glad I don’t have a pet right now whose teeth I’m forgetting, so I’ve got that going for me too.

    • I was not raised Catholic, but I can now appreciate the concept of confession….do something awful, confess it, pay penance, and whisk it away from all guilty feelings. Nope, not completely guilt free yet.

  5. Maybe it’s just little house dogs that need their teeth brushed. We never brushed any dog teeth when I was growing up and I don’t remember any of our dogs losing teeth either. Maybe it was because of their rustic outdoor life spent chewing on real bones. Who knows? Thank goodness I don’t have a dog now. Brushing its teeth would just be one more thing to add to the list of things I should do but don’t!

    • I think it might be the little guys. The dogs we had growing up were bigger, but then they also got a lot of food from the table….no leftovers were wasted. Now we have some super high protein, extra low fat food, and no food from the table, and he needs his teeth brushed. No logic there. And I have so many things on that list…..

  6. You have to brush your dogs’ teeth? Isn’t that what milkbones are for?

    • I know-silly me, I thought so too.

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